The Following Is The Recipe Made Of Two ingredients Which Is Very Good In Removing Blackheads!

get-rid-of-blackheads-effective-mask-with-only-two-ingredientsBlackheads are small, black flaws on the skin more specifically in the area of the nose. They appear due to the blockage of the pore and follicle. They are the reason for the appearance of acne and infections because they enclose the bacteria, that is why you should eliminate blackheads.

You can find plenty of solutions in order to remove the blackheads, solutions and products you can buy, however there is one solution which is completely natural, this is a mixture for which you will need just 2 ingredients:

  • 1. Juice made of lemon
  • 2. White from the egg

Crush the egg and separate the yolk and white. Then, beat the white from the egg using a whisk and stop when you have a soft mix, then make a lemon juice and when you make a meringue put one tablespoon of the juice. In this way you will have made the mask, which will give you a hand for the removing of the blackheads.

So, before you use the mask, clean the face from dirt by using warm water. Then, put the mask at the parts where your blackheads may be found, and you can also use a brush to put the mask in a more careful way. You will leave this mask for the next 20 minutes, and then you will take it off. In case you notice any extras left from the mask, then just use warm water one more time to remove it, at the end you can put your face cream.