The Following Represent Vegetables And Herbs You May Regrow With A Simple Usage Of Kitchen Scraps

albacar1Well, you should be able to cultivate and grow the following kitchen scraps. This is excellent so you can eat and put things which are healthy for the organism and plus you are going to save a bunch of money.

In order to have optimal health, the best thing you may do is to produce fresh products. But, no matter what when you buy them in the stores or supermarkets they are not cheap at all. So, if you desire having supply for every week and without thinking and getting worried regarding the budget you have for that week, all you have to do is to cultivate and grow your own herbs as well as vegetables inside your house are supposed to guarantee that for you.

Believe me, you are supposed to earn and save more than 100$ in just one month. So, exist a bunch of seeds which you can cultivate and grow, but no matter this fact also exist a bunch of plants which you are supposed to grow by simply kitchen scraps, like for example these ones:

1. Lettuce

So, the right thing to do is to place the rest of the leaves of lettuce those that are some leftovers and simply take one bowl put about one inch of water and put the leaves in it. Then, you are going to let it stay like that for approximately four days or a little bit more and check the amount of water you have so it does not go lower than what is supposed to be. If it is needed, put a little bit of water. After that, the roots are going to start growing so then you will be able to plant them into the soil. All of this which we mentioned it can be done with the cabbage.

2. Celery

So, if you want to have your own celery from scraps what you should do is to take the base from the bunch of scraps and put them into a bowl with lukewarm water. The bowl where you keep the water it is supposed to be placed onto direct sunlight. After you see that the leaves have started to grow, the next thing you should do is to plant the celery in the garden.

3. Lemongrass

Again, this is like the normal, regular grass, so you are going to take the root and put it into one bowl filled with water. The next thing you should do is to wait for one week and during this time, the root is supposed to be into the bowl, there should be water all over it and the bowl is supposed to stay on direct sunlight. After that, when you see that a new growth appeared, you are going to plant the root outside in the garden.

4. Been Sprouts

If you happen to have sometimes a little bit more of bean sprouts, what you are going to do is to take one tablespoon filled with the extra been sprouts and you are going to put it inside one bowl filled with water. After that, you are going to leave them to stay during the night and then the next day you have to wash and rinse them. You are going to perform this process each and every single day until you notice that the sprouts have started to grow.

5. Avocado

A lot of people including me avoid using the seed of the avocado fruit, but it wrong due to the fact that it has a lot of nutrients. However, if you have decided that you do not want to use and consume the seeds what you can do is to use it to grow one nice avocado tree. Again the same process, you will need one bowl filled with water, the amount of water which is going to cover the base of the seed and then it is going to stay some time but not too much on sunlight. For this fruit to start growing you are going to have to wait for about 45 days until you notice that it has begun to grow. However, when you notice that there are some stems which are a lot more than six inches long, what you should do is to cut the stems to be about six inches. After that, again you are going to have to wait so that the leaves begun to appear and when that begins you are going to plant it using half of the seed above the ground.

So, try to make to grow a lot of scraps from only organic food. This probably it won’t be very cheap, however the usage of this type of food products is going to keep you protected and safe. Those which are not organic are filled with several types of chemicals and not just one type of spray. Almost all of them are being treated and helped to grow faster and bigger; but not only during the growing process but also when it is time to be harvested. So, in order for you to have safe, normal, healthy and cheap food products which you need in order to prepare your meals, start growing your own food in your garden.