The Following Is The Sage And Apple Cider Vinegar Rinse Which Step By Step Makes Darker The Grey Hair Via Natural Way

sage-acv-hairdyeIt doesn’t matter that you are not feeling according to your age, still the color of your hair is going to betray you. To be honest, in my case I have been dealing with grey hair since my teen years. But, in the past couple of years, I have notice a lot more of those pesky greyish-white streaks.

Me personally, I have a very dark hair, so I don’t feel quite ready to let it go just like that. I am not a fan of those harsh, strong chemical dyes that is why I brought the decision of trying a new natural way on order to hide my grey color… Sage!

Sage is filled with a bunch of health benefits. It is popular because it calms down the sore throats, it eliminates the swelling, cures depression, makes stronger the teeth as well as the gums, and there are plenty of other reasons. Plus, it has a very nice taste, when used with meat and root vegetables.

Sage is also very good for the skin as well as the hair. The sage has been used since a very long time mostly to influence and improve the growth of the hair and against baldness. It represents a normal natural hair tint for dark hair.

Well, actually guys, this is just for people with dark brown hair! This is not going to coat completely the grey hair, however it is going to make it dark as time goes by, then it will get blended all together within your natural, normal hair color.

Sage & Apple Cider Vinegar Natural Grey Hair Dye

When it comes to the sage hair rinse, the apple cider vinegar was put in it by me. Apple cider vinegar is amazingly good and it performs astonishing things for your hair. Moreover, it is very helpful in restoring your pH balance, place it eliminates the residue build-up inside your hair. Furthermore, it is also an amazing conditioner as well as detangler. For the following recipe I have used plain garden sage or also known as Salvia officinalis. In the world exist a couple of types of salvia, plus for the biggest part of the time they have the same normal, basic characteristics. To be honest, I have been using just garden sage in order for darkening my hair.

The following are the necessary ingredients for this recipe:

▪ A little bit of apple cider vinegar

▪ cruet bottle- only if you want this

▪ a stack handful of fresh sage leaves or also two tablespoons of dried sage

▪ funnel- which is not shown here

▪ 2 cups of water

▪ one tea kettle

You will put all of these ingredients into a huge pot.


The following is the process of preparation:

  1. Take off the sage from the stems in case you are using a fresh one. Cut them a little bit in order to make their natural oils to get out. After that, pack the bowl all together.
  2. Then, put two cups of water to boil. Take it off from the heat and put all over the herbs.
  3. Steep approximately for 15 to 20 minutes, then leave it to cool down. You will notice that the water it is going to get an extremely green color. In moments when you suffer from sore throat, keep a little bit of the tea and just add some honey in it. You will see that your throat it is going to heal in a nick of time.
  4. After that, strain the sage and just make a combination from it with the vinegar. Then carefully let it swirl. I have to say that I prefer using a cruet bottle due to the fact that is much easier to put it all over to your hair. You do not have to be concerned if some people make a mistake and think that it is a dressing. I am convinced that it is going to make their greens to have an exquisite taste.

The following is the way of using:

The best thing to do is to apply the sage rinse after you put the shampoo. Of course, you are going to notice the smell of the vinegar, however there is nothing to worry about because the smell will disappear after you dry your hair. The best thing for me is to put the head over a basin and then just to apply the rinse all over the hair. After that, I leave the hair to drain and I just reuse the things attached to the basin once more. I perform this process a couple of times and then I just wrap the hair in a towel in order to dry it.

The most important thing you should know about the usage of sage rinse in order to make your grey hair darker, is that you should apply it constantly couple of times in one week. This is not going to just make darker your grey hair through time, but also it is going to make much darker the black and brown hair, plus it will make the hair more shiny.