Foods With Lots Of C Vitamin And No Or Low Acidity

The water soluble vitamin C is not stored inside. But many foods have this and the best are acidic fruits; grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime. What happens with GERD or reflux?

Keeps you safe from microbes and has other roles too. The C slows aging of skin with removing free radicals and making collagen, healing some wounds, improving tissues and absorption of iron. These are low acidic fruits with C.

  1. Guavas– this fruit is tropical and is better even than oranges.
  2. Kiwi– snack them as topping for oats or yoghurt. Regardless of consuming, they are loaded with C and fibers
  3. Melon– in the summer, take these and get water and fibers for constipation
  4. Blackberries– these have antioxidants and C too
  5. Berries of any kinds– avoid strawberries since they are a bit more acidic
  6. Bell peppers– yellow, green, red, all are good. Add them in stew, salad, pizza and get vitamin A for eyesight too.
  7. Cabbage-fibers for digestion and C too
  8. Broccoli– a serving broccoli is amazing for C and removal of toxins
  9. Cauliflower– like broccoli, this also is for detox, steam, boil, stir fry…
  10. Peas– they also have protein and fiber and loads of C vitamin
  11. Turnip greens– add them in salad, stir fry and get some antioxidants too
  12. Leafy greens– apart from turnip, Swiss chard and leafy greens have fibers as well.

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