Which Foods Must Be Avoided To Remove Inflammation?

Inflammation is neglected unless is a big problem, only then we notice it. if you ever had inflammation you know many diseases start from it, like arthritis and such, and you wonder what are the cures.

But, the main question is what causes inflammation?

Inflammation is a natural process when we try to repair injury or some other health issue. The chronic inflammation  means the process is not stopped in time. But with a proper diet and removal of bad foods, you can end this!

What foods are bad?

The list of the main 3 inflammation causes

Allergy triggers

If you have had any allergy, you know the havoc. But, this is linked to inflammation. Make sure the foods you eat do not make allergies, even mild ones. Common foods with allergens are eggs, some veggies and dairy. Check all foods you eat for traces of allergens. The favorite foods might be allergens.

Fried food

You know without saying, these foods are not good. This is the oil’s fault. Fried food has no left nutrients and the frying does this. You are left with toxins and oils, perfect trigger for inflammation.

Processed drinks and foods

Like the oil of fried food, almost everything is processed before sold. Soups, pastries, fizzy drinks, all altered. Remove these foods and reduce inflammation. No arthritis, no chronic issues. But, there are other solutions! Read on more.

If you have chronic inflammation, some foods might help here like:

  • Coconut oil– the coconut nutrients are well even after cooking and digested easily
  • Fish– removes inflammation and pain, regulates pain hormones
  • Ginger– the root removes inflammation
  • Cayenne– has capsaicin for inflammation

Article and image sources : www.healthy-holistic-living.com