Grow Ginger At Home And Have Endless Supplies

Ginger is the best herb to have around. Low maintenance, loves sun, and you can use various parts of it, so leave the rest in soil to grow more. And, is tasty! What is there not to like?

More about ginger

It takes 10 months to be mature and dislikes frost. If you live somewhere wintery, grow the pot indoors and in summer let it out.

It is a miracle plant that grows partial in shade, so it can be at home or window sill with mild sun.

Some bits of ginger can be removed in growth. Use the pieces for recipes, teas and herb remedies.

How is ginger planted

The best plant is from garden center or catalog. Get the proper one. It is hard to find ginger from gardeners that are local.

Ginger from department produce or grocery store can be a plant but not so good. the store ginger is sprayed with growth chemicals to stop sprouting before bought. That same chemical will act even in your pot.

The grocery ginger also has fungicides and pesticides and what not. The store ginger is fine, but it sometimes sits in a pot unchanged. if you get it from the store, soak it in water for the night and remove the growth chemicals.

Whichever method, here are some good tips for ginger growing inside:

The root you chose, must be plump with tight skin, never old shriveled. It must have a few eye buds like potato eyes, if they are green is good.

More eye buds mean it can be cut and placed in another pot for making more plants.

Pick the amazing perfect pot!

Unlike other houseplants, ginger likes wide and shallow pots. The roots grow horizontal so the pot you choose must be fit.

How to grow indoor ginger – steps:
  1. Soak the root overnight in warm water to plant it after
  2. Fill the pot with rich draining soil
  3. Put the ginger root with the eye bud upward in soil and cover with 1-2 inches soil. Water it.
  4. Put the ginger in warm spot and not too much sun.
  5. Soil must be moist, use spray bottle for misting
  6. Ginger grows slow and after some weeks you can see shoots appearing. Water it still and keep spray bottle near.
Harvesting ginger

Small chunks ginger can harvest every 3-4 months after the growth. Get aside some from the soil and the pot edges and see rhizomes under. cut the needed amount of the edge and return the rest in soil.

It can be harvested this way forever, but just with good care and more making roots. If you need more yield, uproot the plant and replant some rhizomes to start over.