Heal Varicose Veins with Tomato!

There are a lot of saying about the varicose veins and about the method of the Russian medicine for the treatment. We will tell you one recipe that is very effective.

Almost everyone knows about tomatoes, but not everyone knows the fact that can cure the varicose veins.

For healing the varicose veins you can use the red and green tomatoes.

Varicose Veins Treatment with Green Tomatoes

To cure the varicose veins you can use the green tomato is a simple remedy.

First you need to wash more tomatoes and cut them into slices. After that put them of the nodes on the varicose veins and on the capillary. If you want or if you need you can put bandage. You need to keep them till you feel a tingling on your skin. If you start to feel a burning sensation you’re your veins with cold water. You need to repeat this more than three times a day and very soon you will see the result.

The venous nodes are going to fade, and the capillary and the pain will disappear after 2 weeks of using the tomatoes.

The red tomato also can help in the disappearing of the varicose veins.

Varicose Veins Treatment with Red Tomatoes

The treatment is very similar between the green and red tomatoes. You need to wash the red tomatoes and cut them into slices then you need to put them on the painful place on your veins and keep it for three or four hours and if you want you can put bandages. You need to replace the old tomatoes with new one after few minutes. Do this at night.

You can do this whenever you want, at any time of the zone and also you can combined it with green tomatoes.

Together with the seeds the tomato has healing properties because has similar properties to aspirin. This acid is an anticoagulant that dilutes the blood and doesn’t give it stagnation. Also, the tomato has flavonoids that strengthen the walls of the blood vessels.

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Source: makeyourlifehealthier.com