A Herb Can Treat Dementia, Experts Say. Memory Gets Increased By 75%

This herb, apart from being used only for dish decoration, it also is aromatic and has other uses too. Experts said that rosemary has a unique smell and even improves memory by 75%. Also it bears other health benefits along and is used for many aims. Even during history, ancient Greeks used it as hair decoration to help during studying.

More on the study

This study was in Northumbria University, Newcastle. After a decade, experts have explained the benefits of the rosemary and 66 people got involved in this study. Experts monitored their mood during this test. And they compared it before and after the study too.

Results showed that the smell of rosemary is amazing. It improved memory in those subjects. Also their blood samples showed the item of rosemary, cineole, got into the bloodstream well thus giving great results.

Brain health and rosemary

This smell acts like a healthy drug for the brain. It has carnosic acid and rosmarinic acid both amazing for brain health. they fight the damage of free radicals and stop growth of cancer cells, thus preventing Alzheimer’s too.

How to use it?

To get the best benefits of this herb, have a few drops of the organic oil and put it in diffuser. Also, plant this in some corner of the house. To have a sharp brain all the time, mix 1 tsp coconut oil, and 1 drop rosemary oil in a tin. When you need focus, rub a bit of this on the wrists.

Other rosemary benefits

The rosemary has carnosol, a potent antioxidant. Also this fights cancer and removes inflammation too. This oil also makes the hair grow more. To make it thicker, put 5 drops of the oil on the scalp and massage the head. Also this oil cleanses the liver and improves the gallbladder too. For this last one, mix 3 drops of the oil and ¼ tsp coconut oil and rub where the gallbladder is, 2 times daily.

Source: unknownremedy.com