Important 5 Reasons Why people Should Drink Green Tea!

Wuzhen in teapot

Green tea has become very popular across the past several year, as a tea who helps and benefits every person health. It is known as a tea enriched with antioxidants as well as full with nutrients which are said to be useful and helpful in treating, taming and preventing a bunch of other diseases. It is believed that the positive effects that green tea has, are coming from its catechin element. The catechin it represents the antioxidant in the green tea. A lot of health advocates say that they cannot imagine their day without green tea because with the tea they get their everyday amount of necessary antioxidant. It is said that it is extremely beneficial to drink green tea instead of coffee in the morning. The following are the 5 reasons why green tea is so popular among people:

1. Enriched with antioxidants

Opposite to other beverages which are natural and made of plants, in the green tea the nutrients from the leaves are actually used when the beverage is made. The key why green tea is so full with benefits it is mostly due to its antioxidants elements. An addition to the catechin are the flavonoids and polyphenol that represent strong antioxidants.

Antioxidants are those elements which obstruct the creation of free radicals, plus prevent the damages made by the free radicals. So, to explain it in a simple way the free radicals provoke a number of damages connected to the cells. These damages may be harmful for the tissues, a situation which causes early stage of aging, plus possibility of numerous diseases to appear such as: cardiovascular diseases, cancer, problems with the eyes, high cholesterol and other. So, the role of the antioxidants is to keep in control the free radicals. These radicals appear from the outside environment through UV rays, smoke and other things.

2. Combats against allergies

Green tea is considered to be an amazing anti-allergenic substance mainly due to its several nutritious content. Epigallocateching gallate (EGCG) it is a compound which is said to have the strongest effects in the fight against allergies. The tea polyphenol it is said to be powerful anti-allergenic mostly against pollen allergies. It is good because it obstructs the key receptors in allergenic answers mostly known by the name IgE receptor. Furthermore, the flavonol is also known under the name quercetin which it represents a natural element part of the green tea. The quercetin is being said to release the histamine answers in order to preserve the allergies in the normal borders. So, now you know in the following season when you have problems with allergies, just use some drink tea.

3. It increases the metabolism

When people decide to lose weight the biggest mistake they do is that they limit themselves from eating or simply stop eating for a certain period of time, however the real thing to do is to try and put some speed on their metabolism. So, people who want to lose weight should start consuming green tea because it speeds up the metabolism through increasing the fat oxidation levels, plus it intensifies the rate at which the body turns food products into calories. The green tea is perfectly capable in doing this due to its polyphenol.

4. Green tea makes you more intelligent

Similar to coffee, green tea has caffeine as well. Caffeine is very well known between people as a stimulant who makes people focus and concentration very sharp. Caffeine is perfectly capable in doing this due to its ability to obstruct the inhibitory neurotransmitter known under the name adenosine. This is one of the reasons why people feel so full of energy and adrenaline after drinking coffee. But, we have to mention that caffeine in the tea and caffeine in coffee are different. Tea caffeine doesn’t possess effects that cause anxiety like caffeine from the coffee. The ability of caffeine is to make people more careful, to improve their mood, reaction time as well as their memory or we can say the whole function of the brain is improved. Plus, very important thing to know is that green tea helps a lot when people study and produces a lot of energy in the morning. So, it would be good if you reconsider and change you decision of consummation of coffee instead of green tea.

5. It prevents diabetes type 2

For people who are 40 years old and more the biggest problem regarding their health is diabetes type 2. Diabetes is a diseases that it is provoked due to the incapacity of the body in reducing the increased blood sugar levels and the reason for that is the unacceptable formation of insulin or the hostility of accepting the insulin. It is possible to obstruct the development of diabetes or to keep it in control with the consummation of green tea. The reason for consuming the green tea is because the tea keeps in control the levels of blood glucose, which most of the time are increased after consummation of food. So, the green tea is able to decline this increase and in that way it obstructs the insulin spikes. The tea is capable in making better the sensitivity of insulin. According to several researches estimated number of 42 % of the people who decided to consume green tea are not in danger of getting sick from diabetes type 2.