Very Important 9 Reasons Why People Should Stop Consuming Soda Drinks

stop_soda-620x330If you considered yourself as a person who loves consuming soda drink here we will present you a couple of reasons why you should change your mind and stop doing that.

In every healthy magazine or some programs you were able to see and hear about the bad effects soda drinks have on people organism. However, you are not the only one billions of people around the globe have been addicted on these soda drinks. So, apart from the usual news that soda drinks are made only of water and sugar and cause problems like obesity and type diabetes 2, the following are some other dangerous issues caused by the soda drinks:

Continue reading this article to discover why you should eliminate soda drinks from your life once and for all:

Uneven fat distribution

The studies made in Denmark not long time ago have discovered that the consummation of these drinks cause quicker fat build up around the skeletal muscles and the liver. This situation of unequal fat distribution brings problems like insulin resistance and diabetes type 2.

Furthermore, the studies have shown that those people who have consumed soda every day for half a year showed the following changes:

  • 132 to 142 increase in liver fat
  • 117 to 221 % jump to skeletal fat
  • 31 % increase in triglyceride blood fat levels
  • 11 % increase cholesterol opposed to those people who consume milk and water

Diet soda belly development

Everyone is aware of the fact that soda drinks cause gaining of the weight, however it is very surprising that the diet soda drinks cause approximately the same weight gain like the normal cans of soda.

The Texas Health Science Center is a University which made a study which lasted for 10 years and the results from that research showed that 475 people who consumed diet soda every day gained up to 70 % increase in waist circumference opposite to those people who didn’t consume soda.

The people who drunk 2 glasses of soda each day have gained 500 % waist expansion. The aspartame which is discovered in almost each soda drink sold today is the main reason for such big increase in weight gain. The aspartame is an ingredients that increases the blood glucose levels with success which brings to weight gain and body fat conversions.

Cancer- Causing Caramel

The Center for Science in the Public Interest required from the Food and Diet Administration to forbid the usage of artificial caramel coloring which is as many people know used in the preparation of soda drinks such as Pepsi and Coca Cola. The two ingredients 2-methylimizadole and 4-methylimizadole were found in the brown sodas and they are the ingredients which cause the cancer, because they do not have any activity in the soda so that means that they are there just for cosmetic reasons.

According to the California’s strict Proposition 65 list of cancer- causing chemicals, 16 micrograms of methylimidazole is way too much to cause cancer. Coca Cola and Pepsi are known that consist 200 micrograms of this ingredient approximately 20 ounces per bottle.

Speeds up Aging

Both diet and regular soda are consisted of phosphates and phosphoric acid. This ingredient is famous because of its characteristics of weak acid which gives that sharp flavor to the sodaand continues its shelf life altogether.

Everyone knows that phosphor is found in all dairy products, meat and nuts, however the gathering of this ingredients may cause various serious health conditions such as osteoporosis, problems with the kidneys, muscle loss, and also they are able to speed up the process of aging.

The FASEB Journal in 2010 published a research in which it showed that too much phosphate murdered laboratory rats five weeks earlier than those laboratory rats who were given the normal levels of phosphate into their systems.

Regardless of these alarming information the soda creators still increase the phosphate levels into the drinks.

Water pollutant

People bodies do not have any tools in order to eliminate and destroy the artificial sweeteners discovered in the diet soda drinks. Here we include the wastewater – treatments of today which also do not have any mechanism or capability in eliminating them before they go through the waterways.

A couple of Swiss scientists in 2009 tested several wastewater samples from rivers, lakes and plants, in Switzerland. They discovered high levels of artificial sweeteners like saccharin, sucralose and acesulfame into the water.

In the USA approximately 19 municipalities discovered that their water supplies have the sucralose.

We are still not sure what are the consequences of having low levels of these artificial sweeteners , however the high levels cause to stop the feeding habits to the organisms who live in these bodies of water.

The mountain Dew Mind

Mountain dew mind is just an expression formed by the doctors which refers to high intake of Mountain Dew. Brominated Vegetable Oil or also known as BVO is the ingredients responsible for this condition, it is used to prevent the separation of the flavor content from the drink. BVO represents an industrial-grade chemical which is used most of the time as a flame retardant into the plastics. The BVO is also added to many sports energy drinks and drinks based on citrus. If BVO is used for a very long time and it is gathered into the body it may provokes memory loss and nerve disorders.

Studies also show that brominated flame retardants used in foam furniture facilities increase the harmful chemicals of body fat which causes the development of these several symptoms:

  • Lesions on heart muscles
  • Infertility
  • Hormonal Imbalance
  • Behavioral problems

The ingredients are not the only things to blame when it comes to the complete disorder which happens in the human body. It is safe to say that almost all of the cans who contain the soda which are made of aluminum consist the BVP or bisphenol A, which is an epoxy resin that keeps the acid from having a reaction with the metal can. According to some researches, BPA influences the normal functions of the hormones. It is connected to health problems such as, diabetes type 2, reproductive cancers, infertility and obesity.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have expressed that soda cans together with restaurants, fast food and school meals are the main source of serious chemical exposure.

Coca Cola and Pepsi fight between each other to produce completely 100 % free BPA plastic bottles, however they haven’t accomplished anything when it comes to BPA free aluminum cans.

Dead birds

A bunch of animals, especially birds die from hunger as a result of the ingesting of plastic soda caps and bottles. The waste is not distributed by users as it should be, and it is taken away by the currents to the great oceans. The Great Pacific Garbage Patch are constructed by the aluminum and plastic soda cans that are indigestible by animals, also they are popular due to the fact that have harmful effects on the planet as a whole.

Unknown side effects and GMO’s

Ig you take a look on the ingredients put on the sodas you will be able to see that most of them are made of corn. According to some information and data, 88 % of the corn that is grown in USA is genetically modified. They are genetically modified in order for the crops to be able to resist completely the toxic pesticides or they were also developed in order to create pesticide from the plant itself.

There aren’t any possible signs that GMO is bas for the health of people. But, some researches made independently have the capability to provoke serious harmful medical conditions such as aging, infertility and digestive tract damage.