Important Information: The Cancer Is Eliminated When People Consume 7 Foods, The Perfect Time To Start Consuming Them!

The-cancer-dies-when-you-eat-these-7-foods--mmz5skyq9n4cari3d4mg6ryi3uskb8qqgqydlxxyg4One study from not long ago showed that the following 7 simple, delicious food and drinks, do not cause cancer cells. What they do is to obstruct the growth of tumors. Plus, it is very possible that some of these food and drinks are the ones you like the most.

In these type of food and drinks are placed the following: tomatoes, red wine, curry, blueberries, green tea, and black chocolate. It has been said that they better effects than chemotherapy has.

So, what is the exact thing that makes them so strong?

Blood vessels in the body are formed with a very simple process called angiogenesis. This type of process is much more active in certain stages of life, such as, in newborn babies. Moreover, this process does not appear later in life, maybe sometimes in some special cases, such as the repair of tissues and capillaries in injuries.

Usually, the process is normally controlled by activators and inhibitor molecules. In this case the inhibitors are sometimes more essential, on the other hand the activators of angiogenesis become indispensable, because they increase the growth of vascular cell, necessary for the formation of new blood vessels.

The cancer cells which are completely elaborated in normal conditions they set free their angiogenesis activators, for the sole reason that they are in need of a big number of blood vessels for supply of nutrients. It is a situation which tries to obstruct the cancer cells to spread all over the body.

Well, modern medicine invented drugs under the name Inhibitors of Angiogenesis for this reason. How they work is so opposite from chemotherapy in terms that they are not fans of attacking cancer cells, however they encourage the growth of blood vessels to the tumor.

The following 7 types of food and drinks as well have characteristics of anti-angiogenesis, plus they are able to obstruct the malignant cells to be given blood. Therefore, scientist have suggested these type of food and drinks and presented them to be an excellent way in controlling angiogenesis. By doing that, people are able to prevent the evolution and expansion of the cancerous cells.


On Harvard it was made a study which showed that people who consumed tomato sauce or cooked tomato for more than 4 times each month, were able to lower the risk of prostate cancer approximately to 50%.

Tomatoes are full with lycopene, that have the characteristics of anti-angiogenic. So, with this we mean that they are able to disintegrate into the fat and is able to be absorbed through the digestive tract.

Red wine.

Red wine has one extremely essential substance and that is called resveratrol. It represents an amazing antioxidant and often it can be found in the skin of the grapes.

Some researches have shown that resveratrol has great effects in destroying bacteria, fungi, and viruses. Moreover, it is able to make the life of animals longer, plus it makes even better the energy production of cells, it eliminates free radicals which are very harmful, then it increases glucose tolerance to diabetes, the function of the heart is getting better, forbids the elimination of cells formed by nuclear radiation, plus at the end it makes better the physical and mental condition.

It is suggested to people to consume 200-600 mcg of Resveratrol supplements every day. Remember that 225 ml of red wine gives approximately 640 mcg of resveratrol.

Blueberries and raspberries

Blueberries and raspberries are fruits with amazing effects in lowering the oxidative stress and obstructing angiogenesis. Therefore, they are extremely good and have great effects when it comes to stop and destroy numerous different cancers.

Dark chocolate

If a person has problems with cancer that does not mean that they should stop eating candies. Dark chocolate it is extremely healthy and excellent for the heart. It makes better people mood, plus it is useful in the combat against bad cells.

Coffee and green tea

Coffee and green tea are as well with great effects in the combat against different cancers.


Turmeric is very useful for losing fat, however it is extremely important in making better the health as well.