VERY IMPORTANT INFORMATION: If You Have Problems With Cockroaches, Just Put A Couple Of Leaves Of This Plant And You Can Forget About Them!

Cockroaches are ugly, very scary insects, mostly because of their physical appearance. They are easily found in the trash and dirt, however sometimes we find them in our home, crawling in our bedroom, kitchen, living room, all over the house.

Their levels of radiation are incredibly high, which allows them to survive without food for more than a month. That is the reason that makes them as one of the most unaffected insects and they can be seen absolutely in every part of the world, due to their easy adaptation to any condition. They feed themselves with other types of animals and plants as well, which means that they belong to the group of omnivores. That’s the main reason why we see them everywhere, they can eat whatever they want.

When they are in the trash and feed themselves, they leave chemical traces through their stool, this helps them to find easily food and water. That’s how they reach each other and that is why they are always at the same place all together. How interesting is that, right… However, no matter what they are still ugly insects and we want to give you an advice how you can make them to escape and never see them again.

If you have them in your home, just do the following thing and problem solved, there won’t be any more cockroaches. Very important is to mention that by using this way you won’t have the need to use industrial poisons, which are actually very dangerous, especially is very important to use this instead of industrial poisons if you have kids and pets at home.

The following is absolutely the strongest repellent for cockroaches– Bay leaves

Bay leaves are the most extraordinary repellent for cockroaches, plus they are natural. Just to be clear, the bay leaves cannot kill them, what will do is to make them escape, due to the smell of the leaves, they can’t stand the smell. So, put in every room, in every corner of the rooms bay leaves and you won’t see a cockroach again.

Also, you can put ten bay leaves in your garden and kitchen and say goodbye to cockroaches once and for all. These leaves are the perfect repellent for you to put in your kitchen or in the pantry the places where you keep your food, due to their effects which are actually safe and non-toxic. Plus, as we said before the industrial repellants are very dangerous for your children and pets, but the bay leaves are not. So, feel free to put them in your garden and you won’t have to be afraid for the safeness of your kids and pets.

You can use them when they are fresh or dry, that’s up to you. However, the most effective are when you use them as powder. You can make the powder by crushing dry leaves. This is the perfect way, because their smell is the strongest like this.

If you found this helpful, share it with your friends and family. They may find it helpful as well and they will be able to make cockroaches escape as well.