If You Have Insomnia, Brittle Nails And Hair Fall This Might Be The Reason!

you-can-not-sleep-you-have-brittle-nails-and-your-hair-falls-a-lot-heres-what-youre-missingThe insomnia and fatigue are often due to adrenal glands issues that make stress increased and stress hormones intensified. But, fatigue, brittle nails and hair, weight gain and other similar problems can be caused by the thyroid gland complications. But, with one natural mixture all this can be solved.

Take Brazilian nuts and grind them, add dry raisins and honey to this and also ground ginger and take 2 spoons of this, 30 min before every meal. This gives you vitamin B and iron that make hormones balanced and soothe the signs of above.

This healthy mix makes the nails stronger, hair better and weight regulated while at the same time it removes the insomnia problems.

Source: www.healthylifevision.com