Keep Brown Spots Bananas!

Do you sometimes find bananas with brown spots and throw them? No more, these bananas are the best said Japanese experts. As to a study, the brown spots are reducing cancer risks.

There are many reasons why fruits are eaten ripe. First, they have more vitamins and antioxidants. Second, ripe fruit has enzymes for digestion.

Have you eaten ripe fruit and had belly pain? this means that fruit never had digestion enzymes.

Unripe banana is hard, but you can leave them to ripen. A Japanese study said to always get brown spot bananas.

This is good news. The experts said such bananas stop tumor necrosis factor TNF. The name says this is good, it kills tumor and cancer cells before they even grow more.

TNF is a protein. It helps in directing some cells of immunity to inflammation and even tumors.

The experts compare this cancer fighting TNF to lentinan, item of shiitake mushrooms. Lentinan is intravenously administered and is used in hospitals to fight cancer. It is immunostimulant and makes proliferated white blood cells of cancer people.

Eating a few such bananas per day is amazing. It gives you TNF and lowers cancer chances. Cancer is best seen in early stages and cured too. Why use chemo when you can prevent this with just a banana?

To get loads of TNF, get bananas almost black!

There is more from this than just TNF. Most ripe banana is with most minerals and vitamins and antioxidants too. Other benefits are:

1. Less pressure

It has potassium and lowers pressure

2. Lifts mood

It has tryptophan amino acid for more serotonin in brain. Also treats depression

3. More energy

Bananas have good carbs and B vitamins, so you get more energy and productivity.

4. Strong bones

It has manganese for vital bones

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