Ladies Listen To This: 20 Deadly Cancer Symptoms Most Women Ignore!

5-Warning-Signs-of-Breast-Cancer-That-Many-Women-Ignore-800x442Doing the regular routine tests in order to check your health and avoid any danger from having cancer is good, however you should not pay attention only to the results of the tests. One thing is essential as well and that is listening to your body and seeing if there is something different, strange or inexplicable.

The following are some signs that you should pay attention to if you see them:

1. Wheezing or shortness of breath

Most of the patients with lung cancer said that their first sign was their inability to get to some air, they had shortness of breath.

2. Chronic cough or chest pain

Leukemia, lung tumors and other types of cancer are expressed with signs and conditions like bad cough or bronchitis. Also patients with lung cancer expressed strong pain in the chest that continued up to the shoulder or down the arm.

3. Frequent fevers or infections

Frequent fevers or infections are symptoms of leukemia. This disease represents a cancer of the blood cells that begins in the bone marrow. Leukemia makes the marrow to produce an enormously big number of white blood cells, which reduces the body’s chances of fighting with infections.

4. Difficulty swallowing

Esophageal, throat cancer and also lung cancer are expressed with problems with the swallowing, which is actually one of the first signs regarding these diseases.

5. Swollen lymph nodes or lumps on the neck, underarm, or groin

Another symptoms or signs of cancer are the changes in the lymphatic system, showed by longer pale fluids containing the white blood cells.

6. Excessive bruising or bleeding that doesn’t stop

If you have wound or bruises that won’t stop bleeding then probably there is something \wrong with the platelets and red blood cells, which is also a symptom of leukemia. After some time passes, the leukemia cells crowd out red blood cells and platelets, and in this case your blood cannot carry oxygen and clot.

7. Weakness and fatigue

The conditions like fatigue and weakness are signs of so several different types of cancer. In order to find out more why they appear you will have to search and discover them in combination with different signs. However, if you are feeling exhausted without any specific reason and if after sleeping and resting you are still feeling the same way, then you should definitely pay a visit to your doctor.

8. Bloating or abdominal weight gain

Women that have ovarian cancer more and more express abdominal bloating, the pain comes suddenly and without any explanation and goes on and off for a longer period of time.

9. Feeling full and unable to eat

Another sign for ovarian cancer is when women have no appetite and can’t consume any food, even if they have been without food for a long period of time.

10. Pelvic or abdominal pain

Then, if you feel some pain and cramping in the area of the pelvis and abdomen then that situation is similar to the bloating and that is another sign for ovarian cancer. However, leukemia makes you having pain in the abdomen which actually appears resulting from an enlarged spleen.

11. Rectal bleeding or blood in stool

If you have rectal bleeding or if you just notice a little bleeding when you visit the toilet then you should definitely check with your doctor and have a colonoscopy, because all of these signs may be diagnosed as colorectal cancer.

12. Unexplained weight loss

A symptom of colon and other digestive cancers may be the excessive weight loss, plus it may also be a symptom of liver cancer, which actually affects your appetite and also your body won’t be able to release itself from the waste.

13. Upset stomach or stomachache

Stomach cramps or frequent upset stomachs may indicate colorectal cancer.

14. A red, sore, or swollen breast

If you see symptoms on your breasts, for example if they are sore, red, swollen or you notice something else that you cannot explain then you should definitely contact your medical practitioner. These are all symptoms that stipulate extremely dangerous cancer on the breast.

15. Nipple changes

As we said above any distinctions you notice on the breast may indicate to breast cancer. One of the symptoms that actually made women to check their nipples as they said is when the nipples started being flattened, inverted, or turned sideways.

16. Unusually heavy or painful periods or bleeding between periods

If you notice severe pain or excessive bleeding during your period possibly it suggests endometrial or uterine cancer. If you suffer from these symptoms then go to the doctor and ask for a transvaginal ultrasound.

17. Swelling of facial features

Patients suffering from lung cancer said that they noticed some changes on their face like puffiness, swelling, or redness, before they found out the ugly truth. All of that happens because some small cell lung tumors usually obstruct the blood vessels in the chest, which actually forbids the flowing of the blood freely from the head and face.

18. A sore or skin lump that doesn’t heal, becomes crusty, or bleeds easily

Be very careful when it comes to skin cancer and its different types. Investigate and try to learn new information about skin cancers like basal cell carcinoma, malignant tumor and squamous cell carcinoma, plus always pay attention on your skin and try to notice any strange-looking growths or spots.

19. Changes in nails

When it comes to the nails, they also may refer to several types of cancer, when you notice some changes that you can’t explain. So, if you see a brown or black dot under the nail that may refer to skin cancer, the newest discover the so called “clubbing”– which is actually a prolonged ends of the finger with nails that curve down over the tips — this may be an indication for a lung cancer. On the other hand, if you notice that your nails are pale or completely white, that may indicate liver cancer.

20. Pain in the back or lower right side

Also, another sign for sign of liver cancer may be the back pain, this was said by most of the patients suffering from this type of disease. Plus, breast cancer sometimes is discovered through the back pain, that is actually a breast tumor that pushes backward into the chest, or it happens when the cancer is extended through the spine or ribs.