Lady Fingers Or Also Known Okra And It’s Health Benefits!

img_2131-rjpg1-620x330-620x3301Gumbo, okra or lady fingers are ala names for this vegetable with high soluble and insoluble fiber. It is very good for the heart and is usually used in many different diets and recipes. The following are some of the most important benefits that okra has for your health.

Health Benefits:

1. The fiber content is high- the fiber content is helpful for the diets and many experts recommend it to people who want to improve their digestive system and their bowel movement.

2. Diabetes-again- the okra is enriched with fiber which helps the prevention of diabetes.

3. Good folates content- if a new born baby has neural tube problems, the folates of the okra helps to lower it. Due to this fact, is very helpful for women and they are adviced to use it during pregnancy or the period of pre conception.

4. Advantages of Vitamin K- it makes our bones powerful and is used as a co- factor in blood-clotting process.

5. Asthma- it is very helpful for people suffering from asthma

6. Constipation- it prevents constipation due to its possibility make easier the absorption of water and in that way secures free motion disposal from the body.

7. Sun stroke- it keeps people secured from sun strokes.

8. Colon cancer- by using okra you will protect yourself from colon cancer and many other diseases because as it is believed almost every health issue starts in the colon.

9. Obesity- whether you eat junk food, processed food or you don’t have enough nutrients in your body you risk having obesity. So use okra however you want, cooked, raw it doesn’t matter you will prevent obesity with it.

10. Cholesterol- the cholesterol provokes appearance of obesity and heart diseases and, so by using okra you may prevent all of that.

Now, we will discuss the rest of the health benefits of okra:

Skin benefits of okra:

11. Dietary fiber for healthy skin- the okra is helpful for metabolism and improves the digestive system. Good digestion is noticeable from healthy and nice skin.

12. Vitamin C for younger skin- helps the body tissues to improve which actually makes the skin younger, nicer and vibrant.

13. Prevents skin pigmentation- the nutrients of the okra forbid the appearance of pigment, also helps the skin to get younger and repair all the problems.

Hair benefits of the okra:

14. Bouncy hair- if you want to have bouncy hair or you had but you want to recover that type, you will need to use the okra with boiled water and the transparent mucilage will give you the bounce back

15. Hair conditioner- after washing your hair put from the mucilage from above and massage your hair nicely, after that carefully clean it with water.

16. Scalp moisturiser- if you have itchy, dry scalp this is the right thing to use. It is very helpful opposite to many cosmetic products, because makes your scalp soft. It is good fro people with lifeless, curly or unruly hair.

17. Fights dandruff- it destroys dandruff and protects your scalp.

18. Shiny hair- if you use it as a hair rinse you will have the perfect, shiny hair. Instead of using conditioner, try to use something more natural, like this one.

Another good usage of okra:

1. Weight loss

2. Improves your eye sight

3. Improves the immune system

4. Prevents diabetes

5. Avoids anemia

6. Prevents constipation

How to pick good okra?

The usage of okra makes everything better, but the consummation of it has extremely good benefits. Many people have no idea how to pick a good okra. Well, here is a little help and guidance how to find and pick the best okra.

1. Smaller pods- the smaller pods are soft and are very tasty, much more than the larger. The larger ones are stringy and tough as well.

2. Bright colour- there is bright-green, burgundy and dark red okra, all of them are good for cooking, however always try to pick the bright–green pods, they are better.

3. Unblemished pods- unblemished okras are fresher and not damaged from inside.

4. Firmness- before buying okra check their firmness. Even though smaller pods are softer, they should not be too much.

After buying okra, how should we keep it?

1. Do not wash it.

2. It is good if you put it in a newspaper, plastic or paper bag.

3. Put it in the fridge but try to find the warmest place, in that way it last for 3 days.

4. Okra can decompose very fast if you keep it in a very cold temperature.

5. If you want to keep it for a longer period of time then you can freeze it.

How to use it?

1. Wash it and rinse it good with water.

2. Then, take a cloth or towel dry of course and clean it form the water.

3. Next, put it into a bag with a zip and leave it during the night in the refrigerator and in the morning it will be ready for you to use it. It is better like that because it won’t be so slimy then and the okra can freeze in a better way like this.

4. When you take it out from the fridge put it immediately in a bowl, either chopped on pieces or whole.

5. Cut the ends of the okra always.

6. Do not wait to long because it will unfreeze easily and it will have slime on it.

How to cook the okra?

1. Before you add the rest of the spices, fry the okra into a pan, in order to avoid to slime out. When you have the rest of the dish prepared add the okra at the end.
2. You can put either vinegar or lemon to reduce the slime.
3. For 3 or 4 minutes blanch the okra to lower the slime and then use it when it is almost cooked.

Okra recipes:

You can use it in a vegetable dish, this is the usual way, however there is another one also, that is very nice and tasty.

Grilled okra:

You will need the following ingredients: okra, salt, juice of lemon, olive or grapeseed oil.

Procedure: Prepare the grill with flame, cut the ends of the okra and soak it into oil. Put is on the grill and then put a lid over it, then wait till you see that the grill covered the okra. It is supposed to be a little bit burned at the edges and when is like that flip it on the other side and repeat the same process. When is cooked take it out from the grill and put salt and the juice of lemon and you are ready to enjoy your meal.

Hopefully you will find this helpful and enjoyable.