Make The Face Look Younger With These Amazing DIY Facials

Have you known that you can get the youth look in just 10 min? and with foods? no more harsh chemicals, the best treatment is Manuka honey and papaya or pumpkin enzymes peel. This is amazing for new layers of skin.

Even better, organic items harm none and even cost less but are better. Here are the recipes to try:

1. Manuka honey mask

You need: baking soda, manuka honey.

Method: wash the face gently, then with the soda, exfoliate. Pat it dry. Apply THIN layer of Manuka and let this sit for half an hour. Wash with warm water.

2. Papaya and pumpkin enzyme

You need: 1 papaya(peeled, seeded, chunked up), 1 egg, 12 oz pumpkin puree.

Method: mix all items until smooth. Use right away and never use the remains of peels. Smudge over the peel on the face with the fingers. Avoid the facial peel on delicate skin like lips and eyes. Let this act 10 min and tingles. Wipe off and rinse with cold water. Do this no more than 1 time per month. Those with sensitive skin might see redness due to more blood flow. This passes after 20 min.