Make Ginger Powder In Your Own Home

Regardless of nausea, pain in joints or indigestion, you can always have ginger tea for relief. It is effective and great for many health issues. Tea bags or powder it is good either way.

Did you know it is easy to make such powder at home? Just get a container and make some ginger tea anytime you feel like it – for stuffy nose, harsh PMS, ginger tea resolves everything and has NO side effects!

For this aim, get a food processor or grinder. This is one thing you need! With this powder you will save time and no longer need to steep ginger pieces.

Before you turn it to powder, dry the ginger. You can use dehydrator if you want to, one of those for drying fruits. But if you do not have such a thing, put the ginger slices under sun to dry them.

This DIY powder can last 12 weeks. For better shelf life, keep the container sealed nice and in a cool and dry kitchen corner. This powder is perfect for tea and any recipe with ginger. Here are the steps of the method:


1. Peel the ginger root

Get the root and wash it. Then remove the hard skin and use thin slicer knife.

2. Chopping

After you peel it, slice it thin. This will make it dry quicker with any method you choose. Some like to cut the ginger fresh in small chunks to pulverize it easier in the grinder.

3. Let it dry nice

When you are done with this, get a nice place for stacking and turn on the dehydrator for a few hours until the ginger is dry. No dehydrator? No problem. Put the slices on any rack under sunlight. Turn them over to get both sides evenly.

4. Grinding time

When the slices are hard and dry, turn them to powder. Get processor or grinder for this. Pulverize until everything is dusty! Stash the slices in freezer for a few hours and freeze them.

5. Put in container

When all is done, put this in a container with tight seal lid. No need for a fridge, just a cool and dark kitchen corner.