Make This Year Healthier Than The Previous By Practicing This Healthy Diet

br1If u can see thankfully the world has gone crazy for healthy diets. We’ve been growing up and surviving mostly on sodium, sugars, trans-fat, and preservative diet.  But you must remember that being healthy and living healthy life style does not suppose to be a trend, but a way of life.  It is simple; just consume fresh, organic and plain products. We need to remind you that cooking skills also are a must. You don’t have to be a professional chef, even if you are not so good in the kitchen you can still try to bake a chicken or sear a fish.  Throw in the veggies and you are done! Boil them, steam them, throw them in a pan and sear it, or bake them in the oven. You can prepare them however you like it.

We will help you in filling in the next basket with a list full of healthy groceries.


Quinoa is an excellent choice for soups, stews and especially salads. They are rich with fiber and protein.


With its gelatinous, salty texture and the antioxidants, nutrients it is a perfect choice as a supplement especially for Asian Cuisine.

Malunggay or Moringa

It contains a high amount of B6, iron, Vitamin C, etc.  It is very odd and delicate but surprisingly amazing in chicken soups.


This is an Ethiopian grain that is gluten- free. And it is the main ingredient in making injera bread. You can also use it in other dishes.

African Foods

These foods are spicy, rich, and fulfilling, thanks to their unique spice mix.  T

Cactus water

It is nothing new. But if you love coconut water and cucumber it is highly recommended to start drinking this water too.


Yeah Eggs, but not the chicken ones.  Explore your possibilities, try new things, trust me its delish.

And in the end : Don’t forget to exercise!

This type of life style also acquires exercise. Healthy diet and exercise goes together like the sky and the stars.