Medicines Made Of Herbs Used Against Autoimmune Diseases

herbal-remeduesIt is very easy and simple, the autoimmune illness represents an illness which is connected with the immune system. It happens sometimes when the immune system of the body that is considered to keep safe the organism of people against the microbes which appear and try to harm you, it breaks down and starts attacking the healthy cells of the body. So, trying to reverse the activities of the immune system may represent a very difficult as well as challenging tasks to do.

Until now there have been zero information why the autoimmune illness appears. But, a bunch of doctors point out that exist a couple of things that create the appearance of this illness such as environmental and also genetics. So, according to this it is very possible that you have autoimmune illness if some person in your family has it as well.

However, you should not be scared due to the fact that it doesn’t matter if you have the genetic predisposition, sometimes you may have it but you won’t have any issues with this illness. According to the doctors there has to be always something that it is going to cause the appearance of this illness something like for example, physical trauma, not so powerful emotional stress, direct affect from some types of chemicals and also infections.

Exist a bunch of various signs and symptoms of an autoimmune illness- all of that varies depending on the types of autoimmune illness you suffer from. A very popular examples are psoriasis, vitiligo, rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, systemic lupus eryhthematosus or also known for its short name (SLE), pernicious anemia, celiac illness, grave’s illness as well as diabetes mellitus.

Suppressing the immune system represents one of those things which have to be finished in order to control the illness. A lot of the time, supplementation with nutrients as well as herbs it may be extremely helpful in taking control over the different signs of an autoimmune illness, all together with low-grade fever, pain into the joint as well as tiredness as these represent the most usual ones.

The following are a couple of herbs that are very popular and known among people to be of aid people who have issues with autoimmune illnesses:

King of Bitters

This type of herb originates from Asia and has been part of the Chinese medicine for a very long time already. It is popular due to the fact that it is extremely good for curing infectious illnesses as well as infections on the upper respiratory tract. This herb is consisted of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory characteristics and due to these the king of bitters is extremely helpful for people who suffer from issues in the joints by alleviating the pain.


The oil which is being taken out from the seeds of the starflower or also known as borage oil is enriched in omega-6 fatty acids as well as a healthy fat possessing anti-inflammatory characteristics. Already for an extremely long time borage oil had been used for making people ti have better mood and to feel better as well, so this is the main reason why this starflower it is of aid to the people who suffer from autoimmune illness and by that they suffer from depression.


The boswellia tree or also known under the name Indian frankincense has a bark which created sap that has already been used for an extremely long period of time in fighting inflammation. As a lot of researches have showed, this sap has the ability of forbidding the activities of leukotrienes, these are the compounds that cause the inflammation. This medicine is made of herbs and it comes into two forms, such as a capsule and also topical cream form.

Cayenne Pepper

This one is popular due to the fact that it is able of lowering the pain as well as the inflammation, so it is nothing too odd that the cayenne pepper represents one of the most important ingredients of a bunch of creams for stiff, painful as well as inflamed joints. A lot of researches have come to the conclusion that the capsacin which is part of the cayenne pepper, is extremely effective and gives a bunch of benefits to people who suffer from the signs and symptoms of different forms of arthritis.

Devil’s Claw

This represents a very popular remedy between people in Africa who are traditional healers and for an incredibly long time they have been using this in order to heal a lot of different illnesses as well as diseases, including infections and issues with the digestive system. The extracts from this herb have been proven through science to be of aid when it comes reducing the pain and inflammation of the muscles as well as the joints.


Again, this herb is very popular and helpful in lowering the pain of the joints as well as the problems with the digestive system, however chamomile is also extremely good in helping eliminate insomnia, so these are the main reasons why this herb is so good for people who suffer from autoimmune disease, especially for people who have issues to fall asleep easily. Furthermore, chamomile is being consumed in a tea from and also it is insanely good when it comes to reducing stress and anxiety.

Pau D’ Arco

This tree originates from South America and it is known for its antiviral, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics. So, it should not come as surprise of why this has been used for curing a bunch of illnesses for a very long time. Nowadays, it is very easy to get your hands onto the pau D’ Arco in both tincture and pill form.