Military Diet – To Lose 5 kg In 3 Days

For a diet of great results, this one is for you. Stick to the rules and have success. Replace meat with lentils or veggie with veggie and you are good.

No calorie sweetener, coffee, tea, water, cook spray, mustard, lemon, spices are allowed. This is just 3 days so no fat, metabolism speeding up and energy is what there is. To repeat it, pause 4 days only.

1st day

Have ½ grapefruit, toast piece, coffee or tea, PB 2 tbsp. for lunch have tuna ½, tea or coffee and toast. Dinner is 30 oz meat, green beans cup ice cream and apple with ½ banana.

2nd day

Start with egg, ½ banana and toast then lunch is cup cottage cheese, 5 crackers and boiled egg. Dinner is no bun hotdogs (2), ½ cup carrot, half banana, ½ cup broccoli and half cup ice cream.

3rd day

Have apple, 5 crackers and cheddar slice. Lunch is slice toast, boiled egg. Dinner is cup tuna, ½ banana and cup ice cream.

For optimal result, have workouts too. They have to be suitable for you. For overweight, walk near the house. The rest can jump rope, swim, walk, run…

For those with medical issues – talk to a doctor prior this diet. All items are cheap, easy to find and tasty too.