Moringa: A Herb Which Is Natural, Used Against Diabetes and Which Also Destroys Cancer

If your biggest wish is to lead a nice, healthy life, more energetic, to be free of any illnesses and to live longer, what you should do is to turn around towards more natural life. Moringa oleifera is the name of the plant which grows up in South Asia and has been used a lot within the traditional medicine for a very long period of time. The other name of this plant is “drumstick” by which name the plant is known mostly plus it is a bioactive plant consisted of compounds and antioxidants.

This is a plant filled with healthy benefits which have been confirmed by a lot of very well-known scientists, however there are plenty more healthy benefits which have to be yet discovered.

So, here are 7 reasons why you are supposed to start using both the leaves and the fruit of this very special plant should be included into your diet.

Nutritional Value

As we said the leaves and the fruit are excellent both of them due to the fact that they are filled with different vitamins and minerals. The truth is actually the leaves have much more nutrients opposite to the pods. Opposite this, one cup of fresh pods bring you 157% of the RDA of vitamin C.

So, only one cup of fresh leaves gives you out these nutrients:

  • Vitamin B6 – 19% of your daily allowance
  • Vitamin A – 9%
  • Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) – 11%
  • Vitamin C – 12%
  • Proteins – 2g
  • Iron – 11%
  • Magnesium – 8%

In the West you can find the dried leaves of drumstick as a dietary supplements. However, if you want to have and enjoy in the natural benefits of this plant the best thing to do is to grow by yourself at your home.

1. More Powerful and Stronger Bones

In order for you to have a much better density of the bones you should consume the Moringa oleifera. The reason for this is that this plant has calcium and iron, things that are of huge aid for people not only for stopping the density loss of the bones but it makes the bones much powerful and stronger as well.

This is incredibly good for kids which are growing in order for them to have much stronger, powerful and better growth of the bones. However, another good thing from this plant is that it makes better people physical stamina.

2. Anti-Cancer Characteristics

We mentioned it before this plant or if you want the drumsticks are filled with bog amounts of antioxidants which are good in the combat against the free radicals that are very bad and harmful for people. Also, they are good for stopping the creation of the cancer.

Beta-carotene and vitamin C represent two examples. This plant is filled as well with very strong antioxidants which are known by the name chlorogenic acid and quercetin. These antioxidants perform their job by negating free radical activity inside the body of people.

The anti-cancer characteristics of drumsticks have the ability and are good for stopping the development of tumor and the growth of the cancerous cells.

3. Providing Relief from Headaches

If you are suffering from a headache the right thing to do in order to cure it is to use the root of the plant. What you should do is to take out the juice from the roots. Then, make a mixture of the juices and jaggery and put identical amounts from the ingredients. Drink this and you will notice instant relief from the headache.

4. Curing Eye Issues

Conjunctivitis or any other issues people may have with their eyes can be cured with the usage of this drumstick plant. What you should is to take a couple of the leaves, mince them and then the paste you have prepared put it over the eyes. Another thing is that you can heal corneal disorders and issues when you make a mixture between the juice of the leaves and the honey and when it is prepared put it as an eyeliner. This can be used for eye swelling as well.

5. Reduced Blood Sugar

When a person is diabetic and he/she has the difficulty to keep their levels of blood sugar controlled,

Moringa oleifera is the right thing to do is to use this plant in order to keep this blood levels under control and this is the greatest way to do this via the natural way and you will be able to keep under control your diabetes. If it happens for the levels of blood not being controlled for a longer period of time, this is going to make bigger the risk of having a much worse health conditions such as heart illnesses.

A lot of researches pointed out and discovered that the drumstick plant is filled with positive benefits when it comes to reducing the levels of the blood sugar. Many of these researches have been performed on animal subjects. But there are some studies performed onto human subjects as well.

There was one study which included 30 women who began using 7g of leaf powder every single day for the next 3 months, the results they got is that their levels of blood sugar has been lowered by 13,5 %.

6. Purify Blood

The pods and leaves of this plant represent an amazing type of food products for cleaning and purifying of the blood. This can be consumed as a soup, a dish which may be very helpful for you in order to fight against acne and many more issues which appear on the skin.

What people should do is to use the juice of the moringa and put it over the acne or pimples and that part it is going to be cured in a quick way. This juice shows some antibiotic characteristics as well.

7. Anti-Aging Food

This plant has huge amount of vitamin A which is helpful for inhibiting the natural process of aging. This may be helpful for making better and more powerful the vision of people and their immune system.

A lot of people are unaware of the existence of moringa. So, start now and began using this natural food product and you are going to have some quick and unexpected changes and positive thing in your life.