This Is All You Need To Know About Raw Honey!

Let’s start this article from the beginning.

It is known that people tend to eat a lot of cookies, chocolate and other type of candies. There are people who try and avoid these guilty pleasures but at the end they cave in also. This fact is very clear if we see our food choices which are not that healthy. Choice such as having chocolate for breakfast or ice cream for dinner. Come on people. It is very clear what are our choices and all of these got even worse since this tendency become even bigger. That is why the manufacturers decide to make sugary food available to everyone and they decide to involve various technology advancements in the production of sugar. As a result of this, nowadays sugar can be found in any food product sold on the market.

Because of all this, people started having a lot of healthy issues, a lot of chronic diseases appeared like: mood swings, heart diseases, cancer, metabolic syndrome, makes better the functions of the immune system, irregularities on the weight and we can continue without mentioning diabetes as it is issue number 1. Due to all of these issues, a lot of people begun taking care of their health and started looking for some more natural sources in order to intake sugar. The normal solution would be to stop consuming artificial and processed sugars, however some people made sure that the sugars they intake would come from sweeteners that are more natural, nutritious and filled with positive effects for the health. This is when the spotlight was turned on raw honey.

  • Here are some facts about raw honey:

Raw honey is the honey or nectar taken out from the flowers in their pure form. Raw honey is not pasteurized, heated, there aren’t any artificial or processed ingredients and this is why its benefits for the health are still intact. Plus, the nutrients honey contains are also kept in their primary position. Nutrients such as (vitamins, enzymes, phytonutrients). This is the main difference between raw honey and commercial honey. It is being known since long time ago that raw honey is excellent for curing, health, cultural and religious practices.

  • These are the qualities of raw honey:

Exist different types of raw honey. It can be liquid, creamed or solid raw honey. The liquid raw honey can crystalize or solidify. It all depends on the place where you keep it. Furthermore, it can be opaque, milky or clear, having various colors such as: brown, white and various types of yellow. Usually, the form and color depend on the type of flower where the honey was taken out from. Notice that it is very difficult almost impossible to recognize pasteurized or raw honey according the form, taste or color.  These are things that usually we leave to the experts to discover them. If you see a jar on which it says raw honey on the label, then probably it is raw honey. Nowadays do not exist any regulations or certifications which are used in the production of raw honey. Words such as “unpasteurized” or “untreated” can help you, however that won’t give you any guarantee that the honey is actually raw. Furthermore, the word “pasteurized” itself tells you that the honey isn’t raw. Some of the beekeepers refrain from pasteurizing honey, still exists a big chance that that they will heat it, making the words “pure” or “natural” non-important when it comes to the identifying of raw honey.

If you want, you can call the company that makes it and find out whether their honey is raw or not. You can do that if you ask them what is the process of making of the honey. Usually the honey that is produced naturally and locally is much better the one made artificially. According many medicinal experts locally made raw honey is very helpful for conditions such as asthma, Hay Fever as well as improving the work of the immune system.

For experts it is very important to point out that the best is if you eat organic honey, however the most important thing is to know where it is sourced. Regardless all tests it was proven that there is no perfect 100% organic honey. It is very important for the manufacturer to pay attention to the entire process of production. It is strictly forbidden for the raw honey to have any type of chemicals, pollutants as well as pesticides residues. Take notice that having bee pollen, honeycombs and propolis it is normal. Actually this is good for the health benefits we get from the honey.

  • The Reason Raw Honey Is Good For People

It is a known fact that raw honey will give you instant energy boost. Raw honey is necessary for people who lead an active lifestyle, athletes, health buffs as well as gym rats. A lot of people from previous time tend to find it to be excellent, but nowadays when there is calories in almost every food product we consume, raw honey becomes an issue.

Raw Honey has plenty of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, enzymes, phytonutrients and a lot of other elements. However, the most important components are bee pollen and propolis.

  • Bee Pollen

In bee pollen can be found all of the necessary ingredients the body needs. Ingredients such as: vitamins, minerals, proteins, fatty acids, bioflavonoids as well as carotenoids which are antibacterial and antiviral. These are most important elements in giving protection of your cardio system.

  • Propolis

Here is a couple of reasons for including propolis in your diet: antiviral, anti-inflammatory, antifungal, antioxidant and antibacterial characteristics. In order to use as much as possible from the health benefits from propolis you should drink it or use it topically.

A combination of raw honey with propolis will help you in stopping cancer as well as tumor due to the phytonutrients it is consisted of. They will help you combat all of these issues. Raw Honey is excellent for fighting allergies, making the work of the immune system much better, keeps in control the level of blood sugar and cholesterol, it makes better your coughs, cures stomach ulcers and infection caused by bacteria.

Health issues such as Candida, nausea, stomach issues as well as other various issues can be treated with raw honey. You know how processed sugars can easily cause acid reflux or indigestion, well you won’t have this issue with raw honey. One very important fact why raw honey is much better than processed honey is that raw honey has alkaline forming. According many professionals, we should all have an intake of much more alkaline than food products which create acid environment.

* The Downside:

Let’s forget for a minute the healthy and positive things raw honey offer and instead let’s talk about its negative things.

  1. High Sugar Levels

Although sugar levels are controlled by the insulin, high levels of honey may cause sugar imbalance. It is consisted of 40% fructose, 30% glucose, sucrose and maltose.

  1. Various types of calories

Sadly, honey always increase the calories in every meal we eat. One tablespoon is equal to sixty calories. Because of this, when you try to lose weight it is better to lower your consummation of honey to minimum. One tablespoon at the start of the day is enough.

  1. Disappearing Bees

Population of the bees started to get down because a lot of people started to use raw honey more often. Because of all this future food supplies are facing a threat. Bees main product is the honey but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t useful in other areas in the food chain. Without them we will have a big problem. One of the solutions is to lower our usage of honey and to let the bees to live normally. Changes in the climate, electromagnetic radiation are one of the many factors that cause bees extermination.

  1. Bacterial Contamination

Because honey has high sugar and low density of water it is impossible for bacteria to develop. But no matter of this in some cases is found Clostridium Botulinum bacteria that cause botulism. This is considered as a main reason why newborns are not allowed to eat and drink honey. Despite this, adults don’t have this problem because they have the bacteria in their digestive system.

  1. Safety of the Animals

One of the biggest problems with production of honey is he way of taking care of bees. Many questions are asked such as: How the bees are living? Are they fed well? Are they treated good? Many beekeeping companies are being accused of destroying, starving and burning entire colonies and hives after the season ends because they want clear everything in order to avoid any further costs for maintenance. So, when you go to buy raw honey pay attention to this important issue. Try to purchase honey from beekeepers who treat their bees well and provide excellent living conditions to them, and avoid companies that try to make profit only and do not provide the bees with the necessary treatment they deserve.

* So, the real question is whether We Can Consume Raw Honey Or Not?

After everything is said, the main question remains, whether we should use raw honey or not, is it safe for us and our health to consume it? Yes, it has its positive and negative things, but it all comes down to the real source and usage of the honey. Everyone always says, eat and drink everything with moderation, but the fact is that you should only take the things your body asks you for. In case you consider raw honey as a product that can help you in solving some of your health issues, then you should definitely start using it. However, try and purchase raw honey from responsible beekeepers, purchase organic brands that offer maximum health benefits and cause very little damage to the environment.

On the other side, in case you consider that you can go through life without using raw honey that is fine, you can always turn to using propolis and bee pollen. The bee pollen can be used in a shape of tablets and capsules. You can always check online the positive and negative effects bee pollen and propolis have on the health.

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