A New Study Said a Glass Red Wine Daily Is Just As Good As Working Out For An Hour

Health benefits of red wine have long been known to us. Many think glass a day is healthy and others overdrink.

Studies say all the time that moderate red wine sipping lowers many issues like heart issues. But there is a thin line between moderate and excess. Here we can see the best for red wine and its benefits:

French paradox

The red wine is made by fermentation of dark grapes. This is full of antioxidants and moderate amounts are healthy. This is linked for the French paradox.

This phrase means that French have always had low heart rate of diseases, despite their saturated fats and cholesterol diets. Experts think red wine keeps the French safe against damaging  foods.

Still, new studies show diet cholesterol and saturated fats never do the heart illness when moderately consumed. The reason for the French’ health is they eat whole foods and have healthy habits.

Bottom line:

Some think red wine makes French healthy since it is linked to the French Paradox.

Red wine has powerful plant items and antioxidants like resveratrol

The grapes have many antioxidants. This means resveratrol, epicatechin, catechin, proanthocyanidins and more. All of them, especially the proanthocyanidins and resveratrol are the healthiest in this wine. The first reduces oxidation damage and stops cancer or heart issues. The latter is in the skin of grapes. It is also found in some plants due to injury or damage. It has been linked to many benefits like inflammation removal, blood clots, reducing heart problems and cancer. And in test animals showed they can live longer.

Workout = resveratrol?

A study of 2012 with rats advised that resveratrol has the same benefits for the heart and muscles as working out. Some benefits of workouts mimic the resveratrol when they make polyphenol.

Still the resveratrol is low in the wine. You need few bottles per day for the benefits. This is not good, of course. If you just need resveratrol, get  a supplement.

Bottom line:

The items in red wine are linked to many health benefits ; removal of inflammation, less heart risks, cancer too and longer life.

Red wine lowers risk of heart problems, stroke or early death

A bit red wine has more health benefits than other alcoholic drinks. There is  a J curve shape which explains the link between wine and heart problems.

Those who drink 150 ml daily have 32% less risk than those non-drinkers. Higher intake means risk of heart issues still.

Have small amounts red wine to reduce risk of heart attack and keep good HDL cholesterol. Oxidation damage and oxidation of LDL cholesterol can be less than 50%.

Studies even say that people already have high risk of such issues, especially elder people, so they can benefit from red wine.

Also 1-3 glasses daily,  3-4 weekly reduces stroke risk in elder men. A study said 2-3 glasses dealcoholized red wine daily lowers pressure.

Many other studies said moderate drinkers have low risk of heart issues in comparison to non-drinkers or spirit-drinkers.

Bottom line:

1-2 glasses red wine daily lowers hypertension, diseases of heart and stroke. But, in MODERATION.

Other benefits of red wine drinking

This wine links to few other health problems due to its antioxidants.

  1. Less cancer risk– moderate wine drinking reduces rick of colon, ovary, basal cell, prostate cancer
  2. Less dementia risk– 1-3 glasses daily reduces risk of Alzheimer’s and dementia
  3. Less risk of depression– a study with middle aged and elder people stated 2-7 glasses per week proved less depressive episodes.
  4. Less insulin resistance- 2 glasses daily of no-alcohol red wine for a month reduces this resistance
  5. Less diabetes 2 risk in women

It is clear that moderate red wine is healthy. But there are some negative sides too.

Bottom line:

Moderate wine sipping reduces cancer risks, depression, dementia, increases insulin sensitivity, and lowers risk of diabetes 2 in females.

The bad sides of too much alcohol

A moderate amount red wine has many benefits, but too much can be devastating,

  1. Alcohol dependence– regular sipping may lead to alcoholism
  2. Liver cirrhosis– over 1 oz alcohol or 2-3 wine glasses) daily might make problems In the liver. End stage liver issues, cirrhosis and such…
  3. Weight gain– red wine has 2 times calories as beer and sodas. Too much can make you ingest lots of calories and gain weight.
  4. Risk of disease and death-lots of wine even just 1-3 times per week may increase male risk of diabetes. Also premature death.
Bottom line:

Too much alcohol makes dependence and liver cirrhosis or weight gain. Also more risk of depression, illnesses and early death.

Should you get red wine? If yes, how much and when?

If you like red wine, no worries, just moderation. In Eu and USA, red wine in moderation is:

  • 1-1.5 glasses for women
  • 1-2 glasses for men

Some sources even say 1-2 days must be alcohol free every week.

Remember that this is total intake of alcohol. This amount with other alcohols means excess alcohol.

If you ever had substance abuse, avoid wine and all alcohols. And beware if someone in the family had alcoholism.

Bottom line:

Moderate drinking is 1-2 glasses daily. Also you need 1-2 days with no alcohol.

Final message:

Even though red wine is healthy, nothing is worth it if you exceed and get alcoholic issues. There are still good other ways to be healthier with no harm done.

If you already drink red wine, no need to stop, unless too much is drank.

Source and image source: theheartysoul.com