Do Not Ignore These Symptoms Of The Body!

All of us most of the time ignore the pain we feel saying that is nothing serious and that it can be solved easily. Well, sometimes these symptoms and pain we feel thinking is from stress, it can be a  sign for cancer. According one study 70% of the adults who have cancer ignored the obvious signs and treated these as simple flu, cold or stomach ache.

When asked what type of symptoms they felt, the participants of the study described symptoms that normally would suggest cold, flu, chronic coughs, etc. However, all of these probably is not connected with cancer, but here are a couple of changes or conditions the organism goes through which can be considered as cancer symptoms.

  • Different functions and habits of the bowels

It is normal if the bowels function differently from time to time, this mostly varies depending on what you eat and how physically active you are. However, in case your bowel functions change all the time then this is the perfect time for you to go at the doctor and check if everything is good. The change that happens or the various appearances of the stool can be a sign of colon cancer meaning of colon cancer meaning exists some mass inside the organism that stops the proper work of the bowels. So, before alarming yourself just check the things you have consumed that day and if everything was normal and you still have issues then go to the doctor and make an appointment for a colonoscopy.

  • Constant cough

Having a sore throat or coughing is completely normal and it can happen to anyone. However, constant coughs, cough which cannot be cured even though you drink remedies, are the type of coughs that should alarm you. It doesn’t mean that if you cough constantly cough that you have cancer, however it is something that you should pay attention to and something which needs to be checked. In order to eliminate conditions such as throat or lung cancer, the best thing to do is go to the doctor and make a CT scan or an X ray and eliminate these options.

  • Constant pain

Pain in the chest, stomach, muscles, back or headaches are all normal conditions for people. However, if this pain appears each day and you cannot make it easier then you should go and examine these conditions. A pain in the stomach may be a sign of ovarian cancer, a pain in the back and chest may be a sign of lung cancer and constant headache may be a sign of brain cancer.

  • Moles

Having moles is not an issue and definitely is not a sign of melanoma. However, if you notice the mole starts to change meaning it grows, it changes the color then it is something that you should check with the doctor. GO and visit your dermatologist in order to eliminate the option of skin cancer.

  • Unexpected bleeding

If you start bleeding from the nose, mouth, vagina or rectum is time to be alarmed and have that check at the doctor you have been postponing. Nose or mouth bleed may be a symptom of lung or throat cancer. Vaginal bleeding can be a sign of ovarian cancer, while rectum bleeding it can mean rectal cancer or scarring of the colons.

  • Losing weight without explanation

People after the 30s have issues losing weight, but if you start losing weight without any efforts, without having a diet, then it is time to examine yourself. This condition of losing weight may be a sign of some type of tumor or malignancy.

  • Lump in the throat

Having a lump like this it may mean two things, one neck cancer, two esophageal cancers. That is why you should go and have yourself checked. The lump can be a sign of some ty[e of tumor, that is why when you go to the doctor make a laser screening and check everything, including the gums in the mouth as well.

Everyone who experiences any of these type of conditions should go and make a detailed check. Sometimes these apparently simple conditions can lie the doctors and make them think it is nothing. You know how your body and organism feel that is why you should tell everything to your doctor in order to discover everything that is bothering you and solve it as soon as possible.

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