Obtain Glowing Skin By Using Turmeric Powder!

Oil, dirt, dust, sweat and plenty of other materials are the reasons why the skin becomes dry, cracked, acne and wrinkles start to appear. This happens when we don’t pay too much attention and we don’t take enough care for it. Of course, if these things happen we start using some skin products which for some may be helpful and for some people not so much since these products may contain different substances that are bad for the skin. Luckily, exist different ingredients which you have at home and you can use them in order to keep the health and purity of your skin.

One of those ingredients is Turmeric. This spice is used by people while cooking in plenty of meals. However, many people are not aware that turmeric can be used for the skin. Turmeric will help you in eliminating different skin issues and it will also speed up the process of healing as well.

The following tips are just a couple of ways in which you can use turmeric in keeping your skin glowing and protected.

  • Skin lightening. 

In order to prepare the recipe which will help you for skin lightening you will need:

– one teaspoon of lemon or orange juice

– turmeric powder

– honey

You will take all of the ingredients and mix them into a small bowl. You will mix them until you have a nice, smooth paste. Then, put the paste on the face and neck and leave it like that for half an hour. After that, clean the face and neck with lukewarm water. This recipe will help you in exfoliating the skin and in the same time it will help you lower the production of melanin. The reason why you need lemon or orange juice is to help you lighten the dark spots on the skin. The honey is necessary for lubricating and hydrating the skin.

  • Glowing skin

Another useful recipe is the mixture of turmeric powder and papaya. This will help you in giving the skin the necessary glow. Papaya is consisted of papain that will help you in keeping the skin smooth, clean and soft. The curcumin which is the main substance in turmeric, will help you in eliminating the any type of facial disorders that you may have. When you mix these ingredients you will be able to get rid off blemishes and your skin will look stunning. You will prepare this recipe by mixing the pulp of the papaya with a little bit of turmeric. Afterwards, put the mixture on the face and neck and let it stay like that for 25 minutes. At the end, wash your face with warm water.

  • Sun damage

When it’s summer we all tend to go out and stay as much as possible. However, this is bad since our skin can easily get burned by the sun. All of this can be avoided with the following recipe. Put one teaspoon of yogurt, ½ teaspoon of pureed tomato, and ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder into the blender. Blend them a little bit and then continue mixing with a spoon. Next, place the cream you got from the blending on both the face and neck and let it stay like that for half an hour. After that, wash both the face and neck. The reason why the combination of yogurt and turmeric is so good is because it helps in eliminating the damaged skin through the process of exfoliation and the tomato has a lycopene can remove the negative effects of UV light. Moreover, the recipe will help you in calming down the swelled and inflamed skin and at the same time it will heal the skin from the inside.

  • Clearing skin

It often happens for people to get rid off acne and pimples but they can leave some scars all over your face and even though exist plenty of spot-on treatments, the process of eliminating and healing may take up quite some time. However, again exists a recipe with which you can make a face mask for having a clean face. Make a simple mixture of ½ teaspoon of turmeric powder, four teaspoons of gram flour, and a little bit of milk. Put the mask in equal parts and leave it like that for about 20 minutes. After this time passes wash your face with water.

  • Having an oily skin

Apply a combination made of one teaspoon of orange peel powder, turmeric powder, one teaspoon of lemon juice, and a little bit of yogurt. Mix the ingredients until you make a creamy paste. When you apply it on the face and neck and let it stay like that for a half an hour and then after the time passes wash the cream with water. With this combination you will have a nice, sooth, shiny skin.

  • Moisturizing skin

In order to obtain a nice, glowing, pink color of the skin you should definitely use this recipe. Make a mixture of ¼ teaspoon of turmeric combined with a little bit of rose water. Put it on the face and neck and let it on for 20 minutes. After that, clean it warm water.

Article and image source: www.wellnessbin.com