One Mother Managed To Cure Varicose Veins Using This Simple Recipe Given By An Elderly Granny. You Are Going To Get The Results Very Fast!

mother-heals-varicose-veins-with-this-simple-recipe-from-old-granny-the-results-are-almost-immediateVaricose veins represent often a genetic condition, that means that for example if your mum has this condition it is very probable that you are going to have it as well. This is not completely true, it is not 100% sure, but your chances of having this condition are pretty high. The varicose veins mostly appear around your twenties, so if you are not doing anything to cure them, your condition will become even worse as the time goes by. Men are not immune to them either, even though they do not get them so frequently as women, still exist a bunch of cases where men have had issues with this condition also.

Plenty of factors influence the appearance of this condition, some of them are:

-Not exercising

– Age

– Changes in the hormones

– Issues with the circulation

– Genetics

However, luckily exists a solution which is amazing, natural and has great effects to make a counteract in order to stop the issues and discomfort the varicose veins are doing to you. One solution represents the combination of carrots, apple cider vinegar and Aloe Vera. This combination has the ability of performing miracles for you and now we are going to tell you in what way you can make this excellent medicine.

These are the ingredients you will need:

  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Half a cup of pulp of Aloe Vera
  • Half a cup of carrots

This is the way of preparation:

Take the blender, put in it the sliced Aloe Vera and carrots and start blending them in order to get them to become smooth. Then, begin putting in it the apple cider vinegar, but do not stop mixing them until you make a creamy texture. The moment this medicine is being made, place it inside a small container and you are going to use it in the moments you feel you need it.

In what way you can use it:

Put the mixture all over the parts which are affected and then just put up your feet high for approximately 30 minutes. After you have finished, wash the parts using cold water and continue performing this process until you notice that you are starting to feel better. In a very near future you will become feeling better, you will start noticing the improvements and after some time your issue with having varicose veins it will become a thing from the past.


Another thing you may do is to try and massage the legs and feet, however you should not do this on the parts where you have the varicose veins. You will begin with the feet and then you are going to go step by step to the hips, without having to put a lot of pressure. In order to do this you will have to use the palms of the hands, plus you are going to have to stop putting too much pressure with the fingertips. Plus, you may use the cypress essential oil, it is very good for doing the massage due to the fact that is helpful in lowering the retention of fluids, plus it makes better the circulation. Furthermore, one more essential oil represents an amazing solution and that oil is called juniper essential oil. This juniper oil represents an amazing solution due to the fact that it is an amazing local stimulant. In order to get the most amazing results, you will have to put up the legs to 45 degrees angle in the moments when you are doing the massage.