Have An Onion For 5 Issues!

The onion is a veggie mostly used as spice or addition to a dish, rather than plain food.

Some hate onions and some love them, but for sure this veggie is a welcomed addition to a meal.

They are not just a strange smell and flavor. Make the meals healthier with this amazing food!

When you chop the, the eyes get watery, but these facts below will make you not care about this matter:

1. No toxins

Onions make a body detox. Too much toxins is a danger to the health and raw onions are best for this matter.

2. No chronic fever

Do not just eat the onion, instead get a slice, put it in the socks insides before sleeping. This lowers the temperature with no drugs like ibuprofen.

3. Healthy heart

The onion has sulfur and this is working against clotting. This stops the platelets in blood to clump together, thus making clots. And also this is a risk for a heart attack. Eat them regularly and lower the bad cholesterol.

4. Stop inflammation

The onions remove inflammation, just like the garlic. The onion also stops white cells from moving and they are the ones making inflammation. The antioxidants stop the fat acids from turning to inflammation and causing rheumatoid arthritis.

5. Soothing burns

Burns cannot be always avoided especially in the kitchen. You can get burn creams on the market, but a cut onion on the skin is much better for the pain.

You see all the benefits of the onion and now you can use it not just as food item. If you have an onion already, keep it 48 hours at most. They are best as fresh as possible, so when you get them, get the unsoiled, in good shape and no neck openings. In this way you will have all its benefits.

Source: www.stethnews.com