In Order To Obtain A Much Better Health: Food Products That Have Low Amount Of Sodium

Pain drinking water is healthy, but sometimes we want some flavor.

Infuse water with fruits! These waters are simple to prepare and tasty too. Also, they are healthy! Use any fruit, EXCEPT banana, then herbs, spices and make the water like a diluted juice.

1ec0e1e56253c3495bf96b0c62efb19eHere are the best 5 mixes to try out:

1. Cinnamon apple

5 slices apple and 5 cinnamon sticks

2. Mint cucumber and lime

¼ cup mint leaves, ½ cucumber sliced, ½ lime sliced

3. A bit spicy

2 cucumbers sliced and 2 seeded peppers jalapeno

4. Basil, lemon and strawberry

½ cup strawberries sliced, ½ sliced lemon, ¼ cup basil leaves

5. Ginger, pineapple and orange
  • ½ cup pineapple chunks,  ½ sliced orange, 1 tbsp grated ginger.
  • Mix every item and put it in a jar. Mash the fruit with wooden cutlery.
  • Fill up the whole jar and for sweeter taste, add agave if you want.
  • Refrigerate overnight for more rich flavor.