Pandan Leaf Is A Good Remedy For Arthritis

The pandan leaf is the pandan plant leaf or Pandanus amaryllifolius, an Asian based plant. It is tropical area plant and is also found in Australia, but is known as the used item in Southeast Asia recipes and kitchen.

The main role of this leaf is adding it to recipes for fragrance and aroma to the food. The plant is sterile and requires no cutting. Still, many lawns have this plant and this acts as mosquito repellent with a strong aroma and smell.

Apart from cooking, pandan also has health benefits like:

  • Calming and soothing effects
  • Energy to mothers
  • Gastrointestinal relief from cramps and spasms
  • Lowered blood pressure
  • Reduced fever
  • Detox

One of the best benefits of this leaf is pain relief. When it is used in traditional medicine  it reduces pain in gums and oral issues too with just chewing fresh or dry pandan leaf. Also it relieves headaches, ear pains, chest pains if you have it boiled as tea.

Do you suffer from arthritis? Get the pandan leaf

When your moves are limited and painful, the reason for this is some form of arthritis, or joint inflammation as we know it. As to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC, there exist more than 52 million adults that have arthritis. In this case the ability to do daily tasks is affected and impaired. Activity and good food might affect this well, but other meds of natural origin can too. One such remedy is the pandan leaf.

Since these leaves fight problems and pains, see the best way to use them affectively:

1. Pandan leaf tea

Get a bunch pandan leaves and tie them in a bunch. Add them in boiling water and let them sit that way for 10 minutes and then let them simmer for another 10 min. have the tea cold.

2. Liniment

Use this tea also as liniment. Add coconut in this and add the rest of the mix on the areas you need.

These leaves also have essential oils and tannin and thus soothe inflammation and remove pain too. they affect the pain amazingly and HAVE NO side effects! Other meds might give you side effects but not this natural remedy!