Have Papaya Leaf Juice for Detox of Liver, Reversal

Papaya leaf is healthy and good for cancer curing, dengue and health overall. Experts said it has phytonutrients in leaves and antioxidants too for boost of blood flow.

It also has papain, phenolic items, alkaloids too. The papain and phenols are catalysts and help in protein work, no acid reflux, digestion, bloating.

The alkaloid is carpaine, pseudocarpaine and dehydrocarpine that reverses chemo damage.

Papaya leaf benefits
  1. Making blood plateles– you have to keep these high when you are ill. Papaya leaf is the best, claimed Asian pacific journal of tropical biomedicine
  2. Liver support– leaves can cure liver of cancer, cirrhosis and jaundice too
  3. No illnesses– this leaf has acetogenin, item for prevention of dengue, cancer, malaria and more. Also boosts immunity and removes bacteria and viruses
  4. Boosted energy– have this juice daily and boost stamina to fight fatigue
  5. Support in digestion– the leaves have protease, chymopapain, amylase, papain for separation in carbs, proteins and digestion. This is amazing for the gut, and controls its work. Also keeps gut lining healthy and removes peptic ulcers. It removes inflamed colon and IBD too
  6. Soothing inflammation– this makes more illnesses, and allergies, but this juice removes it and makes safety
  7. Regulated period– this eases PMS and cycle balance
  8. Heart health– they have antioxidants for immunity boost, healthy heart and dilating vessels.
  9. Lowering blood sugar– this makes better insulin work and glucose level. Also prevents from diabetes, fatty liver, kidney damage and oxidation stress.
Leaves preparation
1. Papaya juice

Clean the leaves and mix them to get their juice. Put this in bottle and refrigerate for 5 days. Get one leaf and put it in blender. For better taste add some juice per choice. Also strain it with cheesecloth and juice is done

2. Papaya tea

In 2 l water add 10 papaya leaves and turn on heat, boil this to reduce to half. Let it cool and have small sips. Refrigerate for 5 days and have it fresh best

3. Leaf extract

There are capsules, tincture, tea leaves and always organic. No GMO of markets.

Article and image source: www.weeklyhealthylife.com