Paracetamol: The Killer of Both Pain and Pleasure!

Paracetamol_tabletsParacetamol is the pill that people use the most when they want to lower the pain that they feel. However, people from Ohio State University presented a study that they made in which they found out that this pill affects the emotional response within people. An emotional response like the pleasure.

Emotional Numbness can be caused when using Paracetamol

The paracetamol as we said previously kills the pain and also the pleasure within people. This is a hidden effect that the pill has on people, especially those who use it every day. The pill can make people unresponsive to emotions. The study mentioned previously was made with volunteers, some of them were given 100 grams of the pill, others took placebo instead of the pill. The results showed that those who took the pill expressed lesser emotions when they were shown both nice and sad pictures.

An hour after taking the drug, both groups were shown 40 pictures. They had to answer whether they have positive or negative feelings when seeing the pictures. The people who were given paracetamol showed lesser emotions in contrast to those who took placebo. It didn’t matter whether the pictures they see are positive or negative the people with the paracetamol weren’t much emotionally responsive.

Accumulating Evidence

Many researches have shown that paracetamol affects the ability of expressing emotions by people. Also, ibuprofen and aspirin probably have the same effect as paracetamol, even though there isn’t enough evidence to prove this. Yes, paracetamol can bring some benefits to people, but if they use it constantly every day the liver might suffer due to overly excessive use and also there is the condition of emotional unresponsiveness.

For the main author of the research, this results may have both positive and negative effects. Paracetamol can also be used in conditions like anxiety and depression, so here it may serve as an emotional reliever. Still, the psychological pain is not so easy to understand as the physical pain. If people exaggerate with the usage of paracetamol, that will prevent them from having positive, nice and real emotions. This an extremely dangerous situation, especially for those who take the pill each day, because they are completely unaware of how much this drug can control and influence their emotions.