This Powder is Better than Baking Soda – It Can Remove Pain Really Fast and Cure you Overall

This is cheap, found anywhere and solves pain issues. Just mix this with water and make paste for rubbing.

Summer will be here and more time in the sun means more attention to hydration, sun safety and rest.

The common problem is muscle and joint pains from some activities, also dry skin, perspiration and UV damage.

Try the best remedies, domestic Mg lotion, Mg oil for solving these issues.

As you know, Mg is the vital mineral for us and every cell. 300 chemical processes need Mg every day.

Some Mg functions:

  • Better bone health
  • Regulation in energy levels
  • Better absorbing in D from sun
  • Faster wound healing
  • Less inflammation
  • Better blood flow
  • Less diabetes risk

Since we have unhealthy diets, people avoid to consume enough Mg. start ASAP and this deficit is grave.

Apart from food, you can also ingest Mg through skin. With this, you can have the daily intake 280-300 mg for females, and 270-400 mg for males so just get boiled water and Mg chloride.

Dr. Norman Shelley, USA expert for holistic medicine made the study and said people applied this lotion on skin daily.

After a month, 75% had more Mg inside.

The recipe for the Mg lotion

You need:

  • 3 tbsp boiled water
  • ½ cup mg chloride


Just mix them both and make paste. apply on skin and relieve any pain, so just rub it and wait a few minutes. Amazing!

Same mix is used for skin  care daily, instead of chemical lotions. Also add in some shea butter.

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