Prepare Ginger This Way For Belly Pain, Cancer Prevention, Arthritis, Blood Sugar And Cholesterol

Many people suffer from sore muscles, pain in joints, back pain and more. Ginger is the amazing root with health benefits, and studies proved that ginger stops pain and rheum, arthritis and more!

Ginger spice is for relieving pain, cold, flu, cancer, blood flow boost, and more. Also removes cholesterol, and high blood sugar, improves digestion and stops nausea.

Natural medicine uses ginger. It used it for all items of above.

This recipe uses fresh ginger, lemon juice, sugar and it is amazing.

You need:

  • 115 carbonated water
  • Lime juice drops
  • 450 ml filter water
  • 200 g peeled chopped ginger
  • 225 g sugar
  • Lemon wedges


Boil the filter water and add ginger. Reduce heat and cook 5 min. then set aside to cool for 20 min. strain it and make the syrup. In another bowl, dissolve sugar and boiled water. Mix ½ cup ginger juice and 1/3 of this syrup, with sparkling water. Add lime and honey and garnish with the wedges.

Benefits of ginger beer

As we said, ginger has many benefits and reduces cholesterol, blood sugar, makes digestion good, cures upset belly, removes flu and cold signs and prevents cancer too as it makes blood flow good.

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