Press The Hands On Certain Points And Remove Pain Easily

980xEven in history times, the acupressure was famous for pain relieving and healing too. this basically means fingers using for removal of pain and applying pressure on some points specifically. Those that practiced this cured themselves and also removed tension, improved blood flow and immunity too.

How is this technique done?

First, you must point to the body part that has pain. Then find a spot point to accentuate the pain. After 5 seconds release and pause for 3. Then again press 5 seconds and again release for 3. Repeat this a few times and for chronic pain; massage with the thumb daily, for a whole week.

See the reflexology chart for the hands to know more on this topic. For example, in case of a headache, press the thumb for relief. The inside of the thumb, upper part of it is the same as the head side. Also, the tips of the middle finger, thumb and index finger is the same as the brain!

In case of sinusitis, press the upper index finger part. For tension in shoulders, press the pinkie finger. This is much easier than all the rest of pressure methods and points because the whole pinkie length is the same as the shoulder correspondingly.

Also keep in mind that the reflexes on the left hand is equal to the left side of our body and the right palm – the right side. Remember this when dealing with pressure areas. If you feel a headache on the left side of the head, press the left palm thumb.

Also, some points are linked to other health issues. Let’s say hypertension; press the top of the middle finger (left hand), to lower it. The opposite of it can resolve the low pressure issue.