Promote Your Heart Health with 5 Exercises

In order to maintain your heart healthy, some exercises are recommended. But you don’t need to be devoted sportsperson if you want to achieve this. It is well known that a well-balanced light exercises also promote your adjustability and prevent certain diseases. Although, if you want to improve the work of your heart you need to know which exercises are most suitable and how much is enough.

How much training is enough?

According to the specialists, 150 minutes of medium exercise session, or 75 minutes of extreme training can help you preserve your heart in excellent condition.  If you don’t want to feel overpowered, you can divide the minutes during the week. Familiar with the appropriate time for your training, you can try some of the following exercises.

Exercises that support your heart

A Lengthwise swimming

Everybody knows the fact that that if you want really healthy heart, then swimming is your number one cardio training. For those who don’t want much effort, spare time swimming is just perfect solution. But, if you prefer high intensity workout then lengthwise swimming is ideal. You can choose between different swimming techniques if you want feel your heart pulsing. At the beginning of your training it’s better to start with 8 laps, and then gradually adds more laps whenever you are in the pool.

Energetic Walking

There is one very good path that will lead you to a better health, and that is walking. We are not talking about simple walking, but rather energetic walking. It’s not important where are you walking, it can be a treadmill, round the block, in the park, just put your comfortable shoes, take your IPod with your favorite music and you can improve your heart condition. Remember to walk energetically.

Lifting Weights

It is highly recommended for persons that already had a heart condition to incorporate this kind of workout in their training routine. You can choose from variety of exercising programs. You can exercise with your body weight, not spending money and still helping yourself stay in good condition. While improving your heart health, you are also losing weight by doing this type of exercise.


If you are asking why there are so many marathons around the world, the answer is simple. This activity is fun and enjoyable for most of the people. With running you can lose a lot of weight and at the same time you can reduce the possibilities for heart illness. For the beginners it is recommended to start with energetic walk, continue with 1-2 minutes of running and then again 5 minutes of walking.


If we rely on beliefs of the specialists then we should realize that changing the heart pulse quickly it’s not very good, at least not for the beginners. So there is no real need of high intensity exercises. Although it’s not closely connected with heart problems, yoga it’s still successful.  There are many different poses that can help shape up your body as well preserve your heart health.

Enjoy these exercises now, and benefit later in your older years when the risk of illnesses is bigger.

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