Putting Ice On The Following Part Just Two Times During The Day Will Provide You With Incredible Results For The Body!

In Chinese Medical History there is a belief that health of the people comes from their own energy called chi or qi which is traveling through people’s body on pat ways which are called meridians. The main belief in Chinese medicine and in the really famous practice called Acupunction is that the illness comes when something is blocking your chi or cause you to get out of balance. Because of all this in Chinese medicine they have tried to make better pat ways for flowing the chi in the body and with that to keep the organs safe.

The meridians mentions before actually represents an internal organ in the body. Every meridian has a different pressure point and by pressuring that point you can release any type of obstacle on the qi localized on the meridian. Any kind of obstacle can cause different type of tension on the organ related to the spot.

It is believed that you have the ability of improving the health, mood and stimulate the body by putting an ice cube onto a particular place at the neck. So, if you are performing a massage or acupuncture, or if you always wanted to do it, here is quick, simple and safe way to learn and discover the theory of Chinese medication inside your house.

The place onto the neck you can discover it between the tendons on the back of the neck, at the base of the skull and the top of the neck, it is near the base of the hairline. In acupuncture, this place on the neck is known under the name Feng Fu or Wind Mansion. Acupuncturists are convinced that the stimulation on this point will make you feel incredibly good. The first step of doing this is to take one ice cube.

You can choose whether you want to be sited or placed onto the belly, then just place one cube of ice on the previously mentioned Feng Fu point on the neck. You are going to live it like that for approximately twenty minutes, or also you can put a bandage or a scarf in order to keep it to stay still. The cold it won’t be a nice thing to be feeling at first, but after 30-60 seconds you will have the ability of beginning to feel the influx of heat until the place on the neck.

You can make this technique a couple of times during the morning and also before you go sleeping, in this way you are going to stimulate the endorphins to get out and go inside the blood stream, plus the energy it is going to be created. As the Chinese medicine points out, this exercise can restore and keep normal the physiological balance, at the same time it will be invigorating, making stronger as well as stimulating the body. Another things this Feng Fu exercise when you are doing it every day it is going to bring you the following positive things:

-It makes better the quality of sleep

– It improves the work of the digestion system

–  Prevents frequent colds

–  Reduces the number of headache, toothache and joint discomfort

– It makes better breathing

– Cures gastrointestinal issues

– Treats problems with the thyroid

– Gives help in conditions of asthma

– It makes better the relief of arthritis

– It is helpful during menstrual conditions

– Helps in taking care of tension, fatigue and depression

However, please remember that this practice is not allowed for people who have a pacemaker, women who are pregnant, or are suffering from epilepsy or schizophrenia. Just go and watch the video which you can find under this, in order to get a lot more information regarding the usage of this practice performed with a ice so you can stimulate the body by promoting the Feng Fu point.

This person you can see in the video under tried to do it by using a headband bag of ice!

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