Putting Vicks Over The Feet May Remove Cough Immediately

vickIn case you are suffering from a cough or maybe you are wheezing, then the thing you should do is to start taking Vicks VapoRub, this is going to help you in the moments when you will want to reduce the pain and suffering. I suppose you put it over your chest and then rub it, due to the fact that it gives you calming feeling and it calms the cold and flu you are suffering from, and due to that you are going to bed and sleeping in a much better way during the night.

But, a lot of people have pointed out that this ointment is performing its work in a much easier and better way by using the following technique. So, it is better to use this ointment and to rub it on the soles of the feet and not on the chest as many people do.

This story immediately went viral on Facebook and on a bunch of forums around the Internet. Also, this unusual way of usage of the Vicks as a treatment which cures coughs needs for people to wear socks when they put the ointment on their feet.

According to the people who approve this type of method, the ideal thing to do is to perform this before going to bed. The thing is that people are feeling the vapors this ointment produces how it comes to their throat, so it is the best by rubbing this before going to sleep at night.

However, the main question unanswered is whether this claim is true or maybe it is not?

Even though a bunch of people who swear and claim that this type of method is doing wonders for them, there is not any scientific proof which claims and confirms whether this method is consisted of great effects or not really. However, this type of technique is nothing new.

Moreover, the story about this technique where you put this mentholated topical cream all over the feet and then wearing socks before hitting the bed found its way on the Internet in march of 2007. Regardless, that a bunch of scientists said that this is not true, a lot of other people believed in this story that this medicines is a home medicine against coughing. Also, it is very helpful for young kids.

But, what did the experts say? Dr. Lynne Jordan, is a psychologist who approved that this type of unusual technique it can be helpful for a lot of people, due to the fact that it has the ability to lower the stress. The thing is that in moments when the stress is reduced inside a person who has problems with wheezing and coughing, the bad feeling and the discomfort probably are going to be lowered as well. However, if it happens that your kid is coughing for a few days already, then probably you are not supposed to believe and rely completely on this ointment. The cough it can represent a sign or symptom to a much bigger and worse health problem, so the right thing to do eventually it is going to be to visit the pediatrician in order to find out the real issue. Be careful and pay much more attention to the following things and issues:

  • Difficulty breathing
  • Cough which is productive and wet
  • Cough that makes you have problems when swallowing, all together with several other issues, like for example fatigue
  • Cough which interferes with sleep and another activities
  • Cough which goes on for a lot more than three days and it appears all together with fever

Even though certain experts are claiming and saying that applying Vicks over the feet is probably serving as a placebo effect, however that is not putting a stop to the people who support this method.

Source: www.stethnews.com