The Reason Why You Have Cramp On Your Legs During The Night, Plus This Is The Way How To Prevent It From Happening Ever Again

This-Is-Why-Your-Legs-Cramp-At-Night-And-How-to-Stop-it-From-Happening-Ever-AgainLeg cramps are a normal and most of the time a situation which is not causing any harm. In this situation the muscles in the legs instantly start feeling tight and with pain. Most of the time it occurs when people are asleep. The pain appears in the calf or in the thighs and feet. During the night people get of bed and the pain goes on for a couple of seconds or minutes. There are cases in which the pain disappears very fast, however the pain in the muscles is possible to remain for the rest of the night.

Leg cramps vs. restless leg syndrome.

The two syndromes appear when people are asleep. We may say that they look to each other only in this case but in general they are actually very distinct.

The syndrome of restless les is not producing pain or cramping, the truth is that this is just an inconvenience or crawling feeling in the legs. When you try to move the leg during the restless leg syndrome that gives a sense of relief, a situation which can’t happen during leg cramps.

The following are the reasons of appearance of leg cramps:
  • Certain medication
  • Pregnancy
  • Standing on concrete floors
  • Alcoholism
  • Sitting for a longer period of time
  • Some exercises
  • Sitting in a bad position

Leg cramps usually occur during several medical situations, for example: neuromuscular disorders, dehydration, endocrine disorders, problems with the liver and Parkinson’s disease.

How to treat and prevent them

The following are some advices that we will provide you with that will be very helpful in the fight against leg cramps:
  • Before going to bed have a bath using warm water
  • Build leg muscles by doing some exercises in the water
  • Stretch the legs before sleeping
  • Consume magnesium and potassium
  • Take horse chestnut to improve blood flow to the legs
  • Wear ergonomic shoes
  • Put a heating pad to the area where you feel the pain
In order to cure those muscle spasm during the night you may find these helpful:
  • Sit on the floor and raise the legs in front of you. Then, the feet have to be sprawled at the lower legs, next the toes on the feet have to be turned at look at the knees.
  • In order to get a better stretch, the feet have to be flexed.
  • Shake the legs in order to make the blood circulation better
  • Rub the area using roundabout movement
  • Assure yourself that the covers and sheets are not tight
  • Eat a tablespoon of yellow mustard.