The Reason For Eating Bananas 3 Times A Day, During Breakfast, Lunch And Dinner

187938474672486_932152010251125.jpgProbably when you were a kid you heard the famous phrase “An apple a day, keeps the doctor away”. However, there is another fruit which may keep the doctor away from you and that is the banana and not the apple.

Bananas have been eaten by people now for a longer period of time, mostly as a snack as well as an addition to the taste of any dish. The main reason why this fruit is one of the most popular all over the world and consumed is due to its savory and sweet flavor. Well, besides the fact that is very delicious and brings a lot of positive things to your health you will want to consume this amazing fruit a lot more or more specifically 3 times during the day after you find out what good things may give to you.

* Improves The Health Of The Cardiovascular System– After discovering its benefits you will start eating bananas there times a day due to its effects of making your heart much healthier. The bananas are consisted of all of the most important nutrients which are necessary for giving support to the health like for example potassium, vitamin C, vitamin B6 and fiber.  So, this shows you that you may have the complete necessary package of healthy nutrients in order to keep the heart healthy. In order for you to avoid having any cardiovascular issues in the coming time, you should reduce the sodium intake and start eating bananas on a daily basis.

* Reduces blood Pressure– Due to the fact that bananas are enriched with potassium, they are very good when it comes to reducing the blood pressure. Like we said before, we repeat one more time, reduce the intake of sodium and increase the intake of potassium by consuming bananas three times during the day. In this way you will have reduced blood pressure and as a consequence your overall health will get better.

* Combats Against Anemia– If you are feeling tired and as if you are without energy, if you are pale then it is very probable that you are suffering from anemia. So, in order of making better your health start consuming bananas every time after you finish your meal and you will start seeing an improvement over your energy levels. The reason for that is that the bananas are filled with iron and this is going to be of aid for you in order to fight against anemia.

* Keeps You Safe From Appearance Of Cancer– Eating bananas is excellent due to the fact that they are going to help you and keep you safe when it comes to prevention of appearance of cancer. The reason for that is that bananas are consisted of a huge amount of vitamin C, which is famous between people due to its ability of eliminating damaging free radicals inside the body and they are able of causing appearance of cancer.

* They are Helpful In The Fight Against Aging– Consummation of bananas is very good and helpful in keeping your skin to be younger and make it more firm. This fruit increases the production of collagen inside the body, so this will make your skin look younger and become firmer.

Well, you know what you are supposed to do, throw away each unhealthy snacks and desserts you may have, right now. On the other hand, start eating bananas, because they are able of giving you every single thing in order to have excellent health, the type of health each person wishes for. Plus, do not forget to consume every single day at least three bananas after every meal you have, if you want to avoid having to go and visit the doctor. As well as, if you want you may add some apple it will not do any harm to you.