Remove Nicotine Off The Body With Natural Ways

Smoking Iis unhealthy and this is a known fact. But…

What you have to know on nicotine

The 1 cigarette nicotine lingers inside the body for 6-8 hours or 42-78 hours are needed for it to get out of the system. The nicotine by-products can even stay to a whole month. It takes forever to remove the tar in the lungs in case you waste pack a day.

1. Water

Be hydrated well and remove toxins too. The nicotine makes you dehydrated and this way you will sweat it out or urinate more.

2. Nettle

A herb with iron that fights infection and keeps you safe of illnesses.

3. Pine needle

This tea cleans the mouth and throat off bacteria and germs. Also keeps the lungs safe.

4. Fruits and veggies

There was a 2 year study with 1000 smokers 25 and above, and those that had more fresh produce had more chances to quit the smokes. They smoked less than the others and due to the fibers in the fresh produce. Also, the taste of smoking and produce does not mix well, it is the same with alcohol, meat, coffee. The veggies like eggplant, zucchini, cucumber will leave a bad smoking aftertaste. Also, avoid produce with loads of sugar.

5. Orange

This fruit is full of vitamin C that flushes toxins easily. Also it boosts metabolism and decreases stress.

6. Kiwi

Smokers have less vitamin A, C and E and kiwi replenishes this.

7. Carrot juice

The skin of smokers is the most damaged visible thing. Carrots keep the skin healthy with the vitamins K, A, C and B.

8. Broccoli

This veggie has B5 and C both crucial vitamins for the lungs. Also, metabolism gets faster.

9. Spinac

In this veggie there is a lot of folic acid and vitamins that make cigarettes taste bad.