Remove All Toxins from the Body in 3 Days

Is very hard when we need to avoid unhealthy food. But we also know that the fast food is bad for our body and for our health, and still we consume it. For a change to be more easy and to make some detox to your body we will show you an incredible cleaning treatment for just 3 days.

Before you start this treatment you need to clean your body from toxins.

Before you start cleaning your body from toxins you need to drink one cup of herbal laxative tea. Your lungs cannot be overloaded by blockages in the body during the process of detoxification.

After that, at the morning you need to prepare drink 2 lemons with water before breakfast. Consuming powerful alkaline foods, on the other hand, will help your lungs to regenerate.

During your breakfast you need to drink grape juice, but if you don’t like it you can replace it with fresh water or pineapple juice. These drinks are rich in that keep our respiratory system healthy.

Between your breakfast and lunch you need to drink carrot juice.  With this process the juice will start to alkalize your blood during the detoxification treatment. They are good for the respiratory tract, because they`re rich in beta-carotene. Beta carotene helps in absorbing the vitamin A in the body.

You need to prepare juice which contains potassium by squeezing sea greens, parsley, celery, carrots, and spinach. Potassium is an antioxidant which is good for body detox.  With your lunch you need to consume potassium juice. You need to drink 1 cup of mucus-cleansing tea before dinner, which is rich in water. You can also find this tea in every supermarket and healthy food stores.

Before going to bed, drink 34 0ml of pure cranberry juices, which help against bacteria in the lungs. Cranberries are extremely beneficial for your blood and urine, and they`re potent antioxidants. During the 3 days of the treatment the procedure is the same. The results will be invaluable: eliminated fat, toxins, and water, clean lungs and completely detoxified body!