A Retired Pharmacy Chef Said The Alkaline Water Can Fight Cancer And This Is How To Make This Water!

she-has-drunk-a-cup-of-baking-soda-with-water-every-day-after-a-month-her-body-was-unrecognizableYou have heard for sure that cancer cells die in alkaline areas and thrive in acidic areas. And this alkaline water is a power cure!

What is this alkaline water exactly?

The regular pH i.e., potential hydrogen scale goes from 0 to 14. The 7 is neutral limit middle. Any thing with pH under 7 is acidic and above alkaline. Usually, the tap water is mix of chlorine, hormones, antibiotics,  and metals that we ingest.

This water makes our immunity weaker and se get more illnesses and are vulnerable. If the body is too much acidic, we have no energy, fatigue, digestion problems, weight gain and we can avoid all this with clean and pure water. Also, veggies, fruits aid in the alkaline balance too.

Why is alkalinity crucial

The food determines the pH levels every time and this was known even centuries back. Dr. Otto Warburg from Germany was a Nobel Prize winner in 1931 and said that 95% cancers are thriving in acid areas. He also stated that cancers die in alkaline areas due to pH of 7,36 and above!

For him, acidosis (or too much acidity) does not MAKE the cancer, but triggers osteoporosis, heart issues, diabetes and every chronic problem there is.

You need:

  • 1 lemon
  • ¼ ginger root
  • 1 cucumber
  • ½ cup mint leaf


Peel the ginger and cut some part of it, small amount. Slice the ingredients and add water. After 1 use there is no need to throw the ingredients, they can maybe be used one more time. With just adding water, this lasts for 3 days amount. Sip this water in the morning.

How is it working?

The lemon balances the pH and its taste is acidic which means it is alkaline in benefit to the body. It also is antibacterial and a disinfectant and heals issues like cholera and maybe 22 issues related to cancer.

Source: dailynaturallife.com