How To Reverse Cavity In Natural Ways?

reverse-cavitiesCavity can be healed In reverse ways or natural ways. To have cavity means complications with the teeth, but not always serious and you can solve this problem without a fortune to the doctor. You can drill the teeth at the dentist’s and fill the gap with the special medical filling but try natural for once. The British Medical Journal said you can do it naturally for decay also. The best part is, you can afford this and it has no side effects.

62 kids with cavities were participants in the experiment. They were in 3 groups and the 1st had oatmeal standard meal, the 2nd had normal meals and vitamin D supplement and the 3rd had grain free diet and vitamin D plus. The first group had increasing in cavities. The 2nd had somewhat improvement and the third (that ate grains, veggies, milk, vitamin D) had the best result with healed teeth.

This study was approved by doctors and dentists too and they agreed to natural reversal. The dentist Ramiel Nagel the writer of “Cure Tooth Decay” said that is not always ideal to use amalgam for the cavity filling. It can be prevented and just by eating a healthy diet.

What can cause tooth decay:

To link better the oral health and good diet first we will speak of Weston A. Price the oral health legend.

Price was the chairman of the National Dental Association between 1914-1923 and the pioneer in the American Dental Association in 1900s. he was a big traveller and discovered that the cause for tooth decay is modern food diet. He made this connection by seeing tribes with perfect teeth. When they got in touch to our modern West diets, they started to show problems in tooth decay, bone loss, and chronic issues.

The ADA said the decay starts if we leave residue on the teeth from candy, sugar, pop tarts, cajkes, raisins, milk and so on. The mouth bacteria grows more with such sugars and carbs and damages the enamel to the teeth. This leads to decay. There are few other factors too.

The main causes of decay, according to the doctors Weston Price, Ramiel Nagel and Edward Mellanby are:

  • Diet with a lot of processed sugar
  • Diet with a lot of phytic acid foods
  • Deficit in minerals (magnesium, phosphorus, calcium)
  • Fat soluble vitamins deficit (A, E, K, D)

We know the main causes now, so let’s talk of the natural methods:

1. Oil pulling– this treatment was used centuries back even in Ayurveda. It is oral disinfecting popular in the USA lately. It requires just 20 minutes and swishing one big spoon oil in the mouth. This also cures headaches, diabetes and gingivitis. For those with busy days and not enough time for swishing, reduce to 3-4 minutes. For better outcome, use MCT or coconut oil and some tea tree oil drops. Also clove oil is good for antiseptic and antifungal results. Best is to try this in the morning or while you do it shower, take out garbage, clean the sink and other activities, use up the time frame! Also, clean the sink well since oil like this can pile up inside!  Spit the oil after swishing and rinse with warm water. If the saliva and oil you spit is yellow or white this is good. When you spit, brush teeth as usual.

This is relaxing as activity and you are not bothered a lot while doing it. If you last 20 minutes the jaw might hurt afterwards. Gently move the oil, let it stay inside like that. Do not swallow.

2. No fluoride paste– they can be expensive but are healthier. If you want another solution, try to re-mineralize the paste you have. Take 1 tbsp xylitol or 1/8 tsp stevia, 4 tbsp coconut oil, 20 drops clove or mint oil, 2 tbsp aluminum free baking soda and 20 drops calcium/magnesium in powder. Blend and brush with this mix.

3. Remove phytic acid– the foods that have this acid are beans, grains, nuts and seeds. They block some minerals and complicate some enzymes that cause health problems. What makes focus on this acid is that we no more use tradition for food preparing like fermenting and sprouting that removes such phytates.

In one article in The Lancet was said that phytic acid diets also speed up osteoporosis and mineral deficits. Maybe even 80% of the phosphorus in grains and beans is that type of acid and is not well processed. Also these molecules block healthy minerals for the oral health like magnesium, zinc, calcium and iron. This bad diet can make zinc decline for 20% and magnesium for 60%. It also STEALS the existing minerals in the teeth and bones.

So, this acid also makes losing of appetite, digestion problems, tooth decay, deficits and more. You can prevent this by limit grains in the diet and avoid the soy too. Foods with high-phosphate fertilizers have this acid too and GMO is also a big NO! avoid beans, soy, grains, nuts and if you really like them, at least try to eat sourdough fermentation or sprouting that can reduce this damage to 50 or 100%.

4. Good and nutrient diet with dairy– eat raw organic dairy to get minerals and vitamins good for every bone and tooth. It has vitamin D3, calcium, K2, fat soluble nutrients, magnesium and phosphorus too. Opt for organic butter, cheese, goat milk at least once in a week. To remove tooth decay, eat such nutrients:

  • Zero packed foods
  • Fruit daily
  • Egg, fish and bone broth
  • Grass fed butter, goat milk, raw cheese and kefir
  • Veggies, green leafy ones. Raw or cooked is good anyhow.
  • Beans, seeds and nuts that HAVE sprouted.
  • Healthy fats like avocado, fish, olives, coconut oil, cod oil
  • Sun exposing and vitamin D
  • Fermented grains in moderation. Bread and flour too.

5. Remove sugar-it is hard if you have a sweet tooth as we all, but you must. The sugar impairs dental fluid inside the mouth and is acidic. So this means it erases minerals and calcium from teeth. Avoid sugars, candy, soda, pastries. Limit the maple syrup too and juices as well. Also artificial sweeteners in moderation. Opt for honey or stevia.