Save The Eyes And Sight With This Amazing Spice

saffron-and-milk-cream-face-packFor eyesight issues, you can wear contacts or glasses, but the vision will still be a problem. Glasses prescribed by optometrist or ophthalmologist are good to start off and see well while you wear the, but they never restore the 20/20 vision ever again.

Do not be afraid, you don’t have to go all the time to the clinics and be frustrated for the bad eyesight. We have a  home cure for you that is really god and effective. And even science can back it up.

What is this item exactly? It is saffron. The spice that is used in curry meals, paella, bouillabaisse and more such. Let us see what is this spice all about.

Saffron is dry stigma (female flower organ with pollen strands) and is in the purple crocus group. Every such flower has 3 stigmas and they are hand picked and dried. For 1 lbs saffron, you need 225,000 stigmas. That is why this spice is most wanted and expensive, due to the complex process of collecting.

The good news is, just a bit of saffron gives you the good effect for cooking that is needed. It adds flavor but also has deep red-orange hues and this means it is loaded with antioxidants.

This is true, many antioxidants are in the saffron. The best two are crocetin and crocin and they keep the eyesight.

Let’s see all the benefits of saffron on the overall health:

  • Potassium in it for healthy pressure and repair of cells
  • Iron for the red blood cells and oxygen delivery in the body
  • Kills inflammation and fights osteoporosis, obesity, arthritis, cancer and diabetes
  • Experts claim it even aids for depression
  • It helps in skin care due to antibacterial benefits and antioxidants (removes acne and pimples)

Now you know the benefits. Let’s see in details more on the vision!

A clinical study stated people with age macular degeneration had great improvement after they took 20 mg saffron daily, for 3 months. Also was said that this degeneration is seen in people older than 60 mostly and in more than 10 million USA people.

The effect of saffron is due to the 2 mentioned, crocin and crocetin. The slow down this macular problem and make cells regenerate more, so vision might be restored.

Depends on the daily dose you ingest regarding the benefits. It is advised 20 mg daily, just tossed in the food.