See The Fake Honey With This Simple Trick

The honey is an amazing natural item made of bees and the nature. Bees fly all day long to make this food item and give us health. but, tons of fake honeys exist on the market and they resemble the natural but are not healthy at all.

Many such honeys are processed with chemicals and toxins and loads of refined sugar and that is why they cost a little, since they are not healthy.

A public study proved that 76% of the honey types are processed with ultra-filtration. This is for wax removal and pollen removal too.

The honey makers say this is to prevent crystals from forming and prolonging the shelf life too. We as customers have no idea what to do with this process and this unhealthy honey.

Experts made studies for this and said that filtration is hard to be pinpointed as well as the origin of this fake honey too. So, we must see which honey is fake and avoid it in time.

For example, Chinese honey has metals and antibiotics from the filtering so this is not good.

Tips for recognizing pollen and fake honey:
  • Never get it from Walgreen’s and CVS Pharmacy
  • McDonald’s and KFC have no pollen
  • Winnie The Pooh of Walmart is also not good
  • Avoid Costco, target, Sam’s Club – 77% of them have no pollen
  • Apart from other items, these honeys are glucose and sugar mixes and have bad quality. This is named adulterated honey
How to see the fake honey:

Pure and clean honey has crystals forming soon after opening. If you put it in the fridge and it has no crystals soon, it is fake honey.

Always see the labels. If the honey has loads of fructose, corn syrup or similar things, it is fake.

Mix some iodine and water in a glass. Add honey here and if the honey gets a blue color, this is fake and contains corn starch.

Mix some vinegar drops and honey. If there is foam here, the honey has PLASTER!

Get some honey and burn it with match or some phosphorus. If there is ignition right away,  the honey is natural and good for use.

Add some in spoonful of water. If this dissolves fast, it is just sugar and is fake. Raw honey takes time to dissolve.