How To See All Negative Energies In The Home And Remove Them With Glass Of Water

Energy that flows in the home is always a mix of energies between family people. Feelings, emotions, and thoughts make energies and attract energies too. So where we live is full of such energies of people near us.

Houses can be full of bad energy and this affects us bad. This means we are tense, we have no harmony, feel restless, unlucky and tight, anxious. This can be obvious. Sometimes you can resolve this with proper methods.

How to recognize bad energy?

There are many ways to see this and resolve the balance in the home. This needs a see through glass of water and use different glasses all the time. Follow the steps:

Get the glass and cover a third with sea salt. Then to 2/3 add acv and cover the rest with water. Put this in the room of energy and let this sit for 24 hours.

After a day, see the glass. If there are no changes the room has no negative emotions. If the color is greenish and grey, this means bad energy. So, strip the insides of the glass and let this flush in the toilet. Wash the glass and repeat this in another room. Feel good!

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