The Sesame And Honey Mix Solves Many Health Issues

It Is normal to know that sesame and honey both mixed are power health mix. Even centuries back, people used them for traditional medicine and affirmed the healing benefits.

This combo has an amazing taste and many people love this mix. But apart from the taste, it is healthy too in cases of:

  • Bad immunity
  • Abdomen pain
  • Sweet cravings
  • Gastrointestinal issues (ulcer, gastritis, colitis)
  • Weakened bones
  • Low energy
  • Bad focus and reacting
  • Skin issues
  • Hair loss
  • Obesity
Why this should be on the daily schedule?

imunna-systemaBoth these items by themselves are healthy. The honey resolves flu and colds and the sesame repairs respiratory tissues and heals rheumatoid arthritis too. those seeds have sesame oil that is more rich than the rest.

When they are mixed they heal even more. This mix of minerals and vitamins makes you healthier.  It contains: vitamins (A, B complex, E, omega 3 and 6 fat acids)

In the history times, this was used by women who wanted to be more fertile and have better intercourse. Studies also stated this combo banishes the mood swings and fatigue.

Many recipes include the honey and sesame, but for beginners try simple dishes. You just need 1 tbsp honey and the same sesame.


Mix the honey and seeds, stir well. Have this 2 times in a day, for a few weeks. Store in jars.