Seven Incredible Health Gains of the Pineapples for Seven Days of the Week

Pineapple belongs to the Bromeliaceae family. It’s a compound of individual berries, named pineapples. As a fruit is very particular and it’s a great asset to your every day nutrition. Among the many arguments for the gains from consuming the pineapple, we will list some of them:

  1. Immunity

This fruit contains a high percentage of Vitamin C. As we all know this vitamin is excellent antioxidant responsible for preventing the damaging of the cells and reducing the risk of diseases like associate pain and illness of the heart. That way we say that vitamin C promotes a strong immune system. Consuming the pineapple each day provides 50% of the necessary dose of the vitamin C.

  1. Bones

Manganese is very important for the health of the bones and the connective tissue. According to one conducted research, manganese with the help of other minerals, act in preventing osteoporosis, especially in women after climacteric period. If we know that manganese in pineapples encounter 75% of the Recommended Dietary Allowance, the reason for consuming is big.

  1. Eyes and Vision

Older people, very often, develop deterioration of the macula of the eye. Thanks to the antioxidants, especially vitamin C, pineapples are powerful fighters against this disease.

  1. Metabolism

Except with vitamins and minerals, pineapples are rich in fiber. Thus supplement is responsible for normal functioning of your metabolism as well as reducing the risk of health problem of your entrails. Furthermore, the enzyme bromelan, which can be also found in pineapple,  assist in dividing the protein and is very helpful for appropriate digestion.

  1. Cancer

Cancer is one of the most widespread and deadly diseases in the world today. Others studies discover that bromelan is capable of obstruct the growth of the cells of the cancer, is some cases leading them to death.

  1. Injuries

Here is another helpful role of the bromelan: it’s very useful in promoting the recovery of the injuries and it can also minimises the possibility of skin infection. Some illnesses like diabetes, heart disease are influencing on the recovery process. That’s  why is very important to keep your body in good condition, because when your organism is healthy the recuperation of the injuries is rapid.

  1. Coagulation

If you fly very often or when you have predisposition for blood clots, then it will be good for you to eat this fruit as a snack. The bromelan in pineapple will prevent  extreme clotting.

Pineapple can lead to certain problems, such as: mouth irritation, not appropriate function of some medications taken together with the fruit, some people even experience allergies.But, usually  without any problems can be consumed almost by everyone, like part of your nutrition or like a snack.

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