The Seven Symptoms Of Stomach Ulcer!

Gastric or also known as stomach ulcers are type of sores which can appear around the stomach lining and they can cause a lot of pain. The stomach ulcers are a type of peptic ulcer disease. These peptic ulcers are a type of ulcers which can harm both the small bowels and stomach.

The stomach ulcers can happen in cases when the thin layer of mucus which surrounds and keeps protected the stomach from the digestive juices is being lowered. With this the acids from the digestive system will eat the tissues that protect and line the stomach and with this the ulcers occur.

They are not very serious and you can eliminate them easy, but only with proper medical care. If not, they can cause serious issues.

* Here are the symptoms of stomach ulcer:
  1. Chest and back pain

Stomach ulcer can cause pain in both the chest and back. In cases when the ulcer enters the wall of the intestines, the pain starts becoming more and more longer, severe and it is even more difficult to reduce it.

Another thins ulcers can cause is the condition of perforation. This is a condition where the stomach lining cracks open and suddenly you start experiencing awful pain. If this happens go straight to the hospital and get yourself check by a doctor.

  1. Blood in the stool or vomit

According Sophie Balzora an MD, gastroenterologist assistant professor at the medicine school od NYU Langone Medical Center, in most of the cases ulcers bleed and causes vomiting to people. Usually the vomiting material is something like a coffee ground or blood.

Also, the stool can appear to have black color which indicates a blood in the digestive system. If any of these conditions happen to you go and visit a doctor immediately.

  1. Heavy stomach

This is a very common issue since the ulcer causes a sensation of being full and heavy in the area of the stomach. It is the same feeling you get after you drink a lot of water.

  1. Heartburn or Regurgitation

Regurgitation is a condition in which the acid is backing up in your throat and chronic heartburn and this can happen since the ulcer is doused with acid. Some other signs are bloating, burping, constant feel of fullness. In case you begun having an over-the-counter antacid and it helps you just for a bit and then the pain comes again then this is definitely something that you need to check with the doctor.

  1. Increased Indigestion

Hiccups and burps after eating are usually caused due to indigestion and awful gas pain. All of these is caused by the ulcers.

  1. Nausea

Due to a wrong balance of the juices in the digestive system the ulcer is created and that means that you will start feeling some easy to severe feelings of nausea. Usually this happens during the morning on an empty stomach.

  1. Pain in the stomach

A pain in the area of the stomach accompanied by a dull and burning sensation around the mid-abdominal part of the stomach is probably the most usual sign of a stomach ulcer. As we said the ulcers are a type of sores surrounding the stomach lining or small intestines. The pain appears when the acids are being secreted into the intestines, plus there is no food material to serve as a buffer and it is the strongest between your meals or during the night.

In order to relieve the pain for some time you can drink some antacids, but still this condition requires a much serious care.

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